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A. Is this topic 1. suitable for the journal?YesNo
 2. of broad international interest?YesNo
 3. significant?YesNo
 4. novel?YesNo
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B. Clarity of objectives: 123
C. Quality of methods/correctness of mathematics:123
D. Quality of data:123
E. Validity of assumptions and analyses:123
F. Extent to which the interpretations/conclusions are supported by the data:123
G. Overall significance of this work:123
H. Is this paper1. properly organized?YesNo
 2. to the point/concise?YesNo
 3. written clearly using correct grammar and syntax?YesNo
I. Are the approach, results and conclusions intelligible from the abstract alone?YesNo
J. Is the title informative and a reflection of the content?YesNo
K. Are the illustrations/tables1. useful and all necessary?YesNo
  2. of good quality?YesNo
L. Is the referencing relevant, up-to-date and accessible?YesNo
M. Are the keywords (if provided) appropriate and complete?YesNo
N. Overall quality of the work:123




O. Can you suggest any improvements to this work, or any parts which could be shortened or removed?






P. Is this work acceptable in its present form?YesNo
Q. Would this work be acceptable after1. minor revision?  
 2. moderate revision?  
 3. major revision?  
R. Is this work unacceptable?YesNo
             Please ensure that your final evaluation accords with your answers to the questions,
             should you be considering major revision or rejection.
S. Should you recommend major revision, do you believe this paper can be "saved" by revision?YesNo

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