Titles and Abstracts Submitted for
Northwest Atlantic GLOBEC DSR II   Volume


Jason Link, Joseph Kane, and Carolyn Griswold;   Trophic Cascades in the Ocean: The Interaction Between Zooplankton & Pelagic Fish on Georges Bank.

Jim Ruzicka and Scott Gallager;   The Saltatory Search Behavior of Larval Cod (Gadus morhua).

R.G. Lough, E.A.Broughton, L.J. Buckley, L.S. Incze, K. Pehrson Edwards, R. Converse, A. Aretxabaleta, and F.E. Werner;   Modeling growth of Atlantic cod larvae on the southern flank of Georges Bank in the tidal-front circulation during May-99.

L. J. Buckley, and E.G. Durbin;   Annual & inter-annual trends in the zooplankton prey and growth of Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) and haddock (Melanogrammus aeglefinus) larvae on Georges Bank.

Whitley J. Saumweber and Edward G. Durbin;   A New Model for Estimating Potential Diapause Duration in Calanus finmarchicus.

Catherine Johnson, James Pringle, and Changsheng Chen;   Transport and retention of dormant copepods in the Gulf of Maine.

Elisabeth A. Broughton and R. Gregory Lough;   A direct comparison of 1-m2 MOCNESS and Video Plankton Recorder zooplankton abundance estimates: possible applications for augmenting net sampling with video systems.

James J. Bisagni, Hyun-Sook Kim, and Kenneth F. Drinkwater;   Observations and Modeling of Shelf-Slope Front Seasonal Variability Between 75o and 50o W.

J. A. Runge, S. Plourde, P.Joly, B. Niehoff, and E. Durbin;   Characteristics of Egg Production of the Planktonic Copepod, Calanus finmarchicus, on Georges Bank: 1994-1999.

James M. Pringle;   Sources of Variability in Gulf of Maine Circulation.

R. Ji, C. Chen, P.J.S. Franks, D.W. Townsend, E.G. Durbin,R.C. Beardsley, R.G. Lough, and R.W. Houghton;  Effects of topography and tidal mixing front on spring phytoplankton bloom on Georges Bank: 2-D model experiments.

R. Ji, C. Chen, P.J.S. Franks, D.W. Townsend, E.G. Durbin, R.C. Beardsley, R.G. Lough, and R.W. Houghton;   The impact of Scotian Shelf Water "cross-over" on the plankton dynamics on Georges Bank: A 3-D experimentfor the 1999 spring bloom.

R. Ji, C. Chen, P.J.S. Franks, D.W. Townsend, E.G. Durbin, R.C.Beardsley, R.G. Lough, and R.W. Houghton;   Spring Bloom and Associated Lower Trophic Level Web Dynamics on Georges Bank: A 1-D Model Study.

Edward G.Durbin and Maria C. Casas;   Abundance, Spatial Distribution, and Interannual Variability of Copepods on Georges Bank During the Winter/Spring Period.

Whitley J. Saumweber and Edward G. Durbin;   The implications of energetic limitation for diapausing Calanus finmarchicus: Towards a Gulf of Maine Calanus budget.

last updated: 31 March 2005