Cruise Reports

Click on the link to review on-line cruise reports. Note that in some cases the figures, tables and other images may not yet be available and you will receive a message that the link has not been found. The text is searchable using whatever search (or find) capabilities are available in your browser.

Many of these reports were converted directly to Web format and would benefit from tailoring for on-line use.

Cruise reports available on-line

Project Platform Description
AL9205 Albatross IV Data Report
AL9306 Albatross IV Data Report
AL9403I Albatross IV pdf
AL9403II Albatross IV pdf
AL9404 Albatross IV on-line
AL9410 Albatross IV pdf
AL9505 Albatross IV pdf
AL9506 Albatross IV on-line
AL9508 Albatross IV Cruise Report
AL9513 Albatross IV pdf
AL9605 Albatross IV Cruise Report
AL9607 Albatross IV pdf
AL9612 Albatross IV Cruise Report
AL9701 Albatross IV Cruise Report
AL9705 Albatross IV Cruise Report
AL9707 Albatross IV Cruise Report
AL9712 Albatross IV Cruise Report
AL9801 Albatross IV Cruise Report
AL9805 Albatross IV Cruise Report
AL9806 Albatross IV Cruise Report
AL9808 Albatross IV Cruise Report
AL9901 Albatross IV Cruise Report
AL9906 Albatross IV Cruise Report
CI9405 Columbus Iselin pdf
CI9407 Columbus Iselin pdf
CY98-079 Cygnus Cruise Report
EL9904 Edwin Link Cruise Report
EL9905 Edwin Link Cruise Report
EL9906 Edwin Link Cruise Report
EN246 Endeavor pdf
EN256 Endeavor Cruise Report
EN259 Endeavor on-line
EN262 Endeavor pdf
EN263 Endeavor pdf
EN264 Endeavor on-line
EN266 Endeavor pdf
EN267I Endeavor pdf
EN267II Endeavor on-line
EN269 Endeavor pdf
EN274 Endeavor pdf
EN276 Endeavor pdf
EN290 Endeavor pdf
EN292 Endeavor on-line
EN296 Endeavor pdf
EN298 Endeavor pdf
EN302 Endeavor on-line
EN303 Endeavor pdf
EN307 Endeavor on-line
EN308 Endeavor pdf
EN319 Endeavor on-line
EN320 Endeavor on-line
EN323 Endeavor on-line
EN324 Endeavor on-line
EN330 Endeavor on-line
EN331 Endeavor on-line
HUD9877 Hudson on-line
KN149 Knorr pdf
NAGL-98-01A Sea Diver on-line
NAGL-98-01B Isabel Conn combo on-line
OC291 Oceanus pdf
OC296 Oceanus on-line
OC298 Oceanus on-line
OC299 Oceanus pdf
OC300 Oceanus on-line
OC301 Oceanus on-line
OC302 Oceanus on-line
OC303 Oceanus on-line
OC311 Oceanus on-line
OC319 Oceanus on-line
OC322 Oceanus on-line
OC331 Oceanus pdf
OC332 Oceanus on-line
OC333 Oceanus on-line
OC334 Oceanus on-line
OC336 Oceanus on-line
OC337 Oceanus on-line
OC338 Oceanus pdf
OC339 Oceanus on-line
OC340 Oceanus on-line
OC341 Oceanus on-line
OC342 Oceanus on-line
OC343 Oceanus on-line
OC344 Oceanus pdf
OC345 Oceanus on-line
OC346 Oceanus pdf
OC347 Oceanus on-line
PAR95-010 Parizeau pdf
PAR95-034 Parizeau pdf
PAR96-024 Parizeau on-line
PAR97-025 Parizeau on-line
PAR98-078 Parizeau on-line
PAR99-028 Parizeau on-line
SC9801 Susan and Caitlyn on-line
SJ9504 Seward Johnson pdf
SJ9505 Seward Johnson on-line
SJ9506 Seward Johnson on-line
SJ9507 Seward Johnson pdf

Cruise reports will be available for all cruises

Project Platform SI Name Length
AL9403I Albatross IV Larry Madin 52 pages
AL9403II Albatross IV Greg Lough 31 pages
AL9404 Albatross IV Peter Wiebe 51 pages
AL9410 Albatross IV David Mountain 26 pages
AL9505 Albatross IV David Mountain 67 pages
AL9506 Albatross IV Ann Bucklin 114 pages
AL9508 Albatross IV Peter Wiebe 95 pages
AL9513 Albatross IV Jim Irish 36 pages
AL9605 Albatross IV Jack Green 84 pages
AL9607 Albatross IV David Mountain 81 pages
AL9612 Albatross IV Jim Gibson 32 pages
AL9701 Albatross IV John Sibunka 49 pages
AL9705 Albatross IV David Mountain 75 pages
AL9707 Albatross IV Jack Green 112 pages
AL9712 Albatross IV Ron Schlitz 5 pages
AL9801 Albatross IV John Sibunka 100 pages
AL9805 Albatross IV Greg Lough 36 pages
AL9806 Albatross IV Jack Green 87 pages
AL9808 Albatross IV Ann Bucklin 116 pages
AL9901 Albatross IV John Sibunka 111 pages
AL9904 Albatross IV Jack Green 84 pages
AL9906 Albatross IV Peter Wiebe 122 pages
CH0697 Cape Hatteras Cabell Davis 37 pages
CI9405 Columbus Iselin Jim Irish 16 pages
CI9407 Columbus Iselin Dian Gifford 67 pages
CY98-079 Cygnus Peter Smith 27 pages
DE9703 Delaware Cabell Davis 21 pages
EL9904 Edwin Link Lew Incze 47 pages
EL9905 Edwin Link Greg Lough 82 pages
EN246 Endeavor Jim Irish 32 pages
EN256 Endeavor Jim Irish 39 pages
EN259 Endeavor Ted Durbin 36+
EN260 Endeavor Bob Weller 25 pages
EN261 Endeavor Peter Wiebe 81 pages
EN262 Endeavor Cabell Davis 43+ pages
EN263 Endeavor Charlie Miller 17+
EN264 Endeavor Scott Gallager 51 pages
EN265 Endeavor John Sibunka 67 pages
EN266 Endeavor Dian Gifford 55 pages
EN267I Endeavor Bob Campbell 40 pages
EN267II Endeavor Cabell Davis 45 pages
EN268 Endeavor Steve Bollens 63 pages
EN269 Endeavor Albert Williams 4 pages
EN271 Endeavor Steve Lentz 52 pages
EN274 Endeavor Jim Irish 39 pages
EN276 Endeavor Charlie Miller 65 pages
EN278 Endeavor Erich Horgan 63 pages
EN282 Endeavor John Sibunka 70 pages
EN288 Endeavor Jim Irish 82 pages
EN290 Endeavor Craig Lee 11 pages
EN292 Endeavor Cabell Davis 24 pages
EN296 Endeavor Dian Gifford 14 pages
EN298 Endeavor Larry Madin 30 pages
EN301 Endeavor Karen Wishner 39 pages
EN302 Endeavor Carin Ashjian 44 pages
EN303 Endeavor Craig Lee 195 pages
EN307 Endeavor Charles Greene 47 pages
EN308 Endeavor Jim Irish 37 pages
EN319 Endeavor Ted Durbin 30 pages
EN320 Endeavor Ann Bucklin 109 pages
EN322 Endeavor Ted Durbin 32 pages
EN323 Endeavor Jim Ledwell 109 pages (combined with EN324)
EN324 Endeavor Jim Ledwell 109 pages (combined with EN323)
EN330 Endeavor Charles Greene 68 pages
EN331 Endeavor Charles Greene 62 pages
HUD9877 Hudson Peter Smith 38 pages
KN149 Knorr Jim Irish 48 pages
OC275 Oceanus Peter Wiebe 85 pages
OC276 Oceanus Jim Irish 87 pages
OC291 Oceanus Jim Irish 42 pages
OC296 Oceanus Ron Schlitz 26 pages
OC298 Oceanus Erich Horgan 99 pages
OC299 Oceanus Craig Lee 81 pages
OC300 Oceanus Peter Wiebe 84 pages
OC301 Oceanus Greg Lough 67 pages
OC302 Oceanus Ann Bucklin 95 pages
OC303 Oceanus Greg Lough 71 pages
OC311 Oceanus Ron Schlitz 16 pages
OC317 Oceanus David Mountain 76 pages
OC319 Oceanus Peter Wiebe 84 pages
OC321 Oceanus Jim Irish 72 pages
OC322 Oceanus Charlie Miller 92 pages
OC331 Oceanus Jim Irish 85 pages
OC332 Oceanus Charles Greene 63 pages
OC333 Oceanus Dick Limeburner 76 pages
OC334 Oceanus Charles Greene 58 pages
OC336 Oceanus Maureen Taylor 96 pages
OC337 Oceanus Dick Limeburner 2 pages
OC338 Oceanus Jim Irish 52 pages
OC340 Oceanus Dave Hebert 37 pages
OC341 Oceanus Charlie Miller 93 pages
OC342 Oceanus Bob Houghton 32 pages
OC343 Oceanus Dave Hebert 28 pages
OC344 Oceanus Jim Irish 48 pages
OC346 Oceanus Jim Irish 95 pages
PAR93-032 Parizeau Peter Smith 25 pages
PAR94-018 Parizeau Peter Smith 21 pages
PAR95-010 Parizeau Peter Smith 24 pages
PAR95-034 Parizeau Peter Smith 51 pages
PAR96-024 Parizeau Peter Smith 53 pages
PAR97-025 Parizeau Peter Smith 40 pages
PAR98-078 Parizeau Peter Smith 36 pages
PAR99-028 Parizeau Peter Smith 25 pages
SJ9503 Seward Johnson Greg Lough 28 pages
SJ9504 Seward Johnson Jim Irish 49 pages
SJ9505 Seward Johnson Greg Lough 41 pages
SJ9506 Seward Johnson Neil Oakey 31 pages
SJ9507 Seward Johnson Greg Lough 59 pages
SJ9508 Seward Johnson Neil Oakey 34 pages

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