AGU/ASLO Ocean Science Meeting Special Session OS21 - February 1998

"OS21: Climate variability, fisheries Resources, and the dynamics of plankton populations in the Georges Bank/Gulf of Maine/Scotian Shelf region of the Northwest Atlantic".

The deadline for submission of abstracts for AGU/ASLO Special Session is October 9, 1997 (by e-mail or hard copy) or October 16, 1997 if submitted by the Web site.

Special Session Description

Recent studies of the physics and biology of North Atlantic shelf seas and banks, and their interaction with the oceanic region have been designed in part to address the question of how global climate change may affect the distribution, abundance, and production of animals in the sea. They are centered on the dynamics of zooplankton and larval fish populations in the respective areas. The linkages between climate variability and the physical and biological processes which control the dynamics of these animal populations are becoming apparent. The purpose of this session is to provide a forum for presentation of studies which focus on the integrated physical and biological studies of the rate processes, spatial and temporal distributions of the physical and biological properties of the region, and prognostic and assimilative modelling efforts which utilize the developing base of information to provide an integrative view of the biological and physical dynamics of the regions.

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