W. Alton Jones Campus - Whispering Pines Conference Center

The W. Alton Jones Campus - Whispering Pines Conference Center is located at 401 Victory Highway, West Greenwich, Rhode Island, 02817-2158. For directions, click here.

A map of the campus shows the eight (8) buildings. The meeting will take place at the Laurel Lodge. Sleeping accomodations at located in the

Laurel Lodge;
Whispering Pines Main Lodge, Ground Floor;
Whispering Pines Main Lodge, Second Floor; and the
Nettles Lodge

Phone Numbers

Main Number: 401-397-3361 x6056
Fax: 401-397-6540
For emergencies, dial 9-911 from within your room
Incoming calls: 401-397-3361, enter room extension.

Phone number extensions and dialing instructions for each of the guest rooms are available in the table following them.

Registration and Check In

Registration will be on the first day of the meeting, in the meeting room, in Laurel Lodge (building 1). Room check in is in the Office, Sycamore Lodge (building 8), any time after 2:00pm.

Poster Information

The poster boards are located in the Laurel Lodge (building 1). Each board is 4'x4'. Push pins will be available at the meeting for attaching your posters. Please be sure that you have registered your poster title and provided your abstract to the Data Management Office at least two weeks prior to the meeting date. We encourage contributors to put up their posters as soon as possible on their arrival. The placement for your poster will be indicated by a note on the poster board in Laurel Lodge (building 1).

Network Interfaces

We encourage attendees to bring their labtop computers to the meeting in order to better enable data exchanges. You may also want to bring your PC projector, if you have one, although the two main meeting rooms will have a projector available.

The high speed internet connection, available at the Conference Center in Laurel Lodge (building 1), uses automatic IP and DNS assignments. See the link to the RamLink Internet Connection Guide, under "How to Connect", for detailed instructions on configuring your internet connection.

Break-out Roooms

The following break-out rooms are available for the November 2003 meeting:

Location Availability Comments
Laurel Lodge Tuesday - Thursday Largest room; seats up to 50
Spruce Tuesday - Wednesday Seats up to 25
Maple Tuesday - Thursday Seats up to 18
Nettles - porch Tuesday - Thursday Seats up to 12
Nettles - livingroom Tuesday - Thursday Informal; seats up to 10
Whispering Pines Main Lodge - livingroom Wednesday - Thursday Informal; seats up to 10

Last modified: November 5, 2003