DSR Volume in the Works

At the PI meeting this past summer, we talked about the possibility of getting together another special volume of papers originating out of the research on going on Georges Bank and the Gulf of Maine. Since that meeting, we have successfully concluded a major public session on results from the North Atlantic GLOBEC projects (not just Georges Bank) at the ICES Baltimore meeting in September where around 56 papers were presented (the sessions were chaired by Svein Sundby from Bergen, NO and Peter Wiebe) and we are now gearing up for the Ocean Science Meeting where there are about 46 papers in the session that Peter Wiebe, David Mountain, Bob Beardsley, and Peter Smith will chair (http://earth.agu.org/cgi-bin/sessions). Shortly after the PI meeting, P. Wiebe talked with the editor of the special volume series of Deep-Sea Research, John Milliman, about putting together another volume of papers about Georges Bank and Environs. This time, we would like to include GLOBEC related work that is relevant to our project, but has been done in other parts of the North Atlantic. We have now been given the "Green Light" to go ahead with this volume and this constitutes the call for papers. We expect that the volume will contain 25 to 30 manuscripts of excellent quality. We also anticipate a lot of material for another CD (perhaps DVD because we will need the disk space), since a lot of very nifty movie clips showing field and model results are now making the rounds. The "guest editors" for this volume are Peter Wiebe, Bob Beardsley, David Mountain, and Ann Bucklin. We will set up a review procedure as last time that will adhere to the DSR guidelines. There will be at least two outside reviewers and a guest editor will serve as a third. If a guest editor is one of the authors, he/she will not know who has reviewed the paper and one of the other guest editors, along with a staff assistant, will handle the paper work. Thus, as with the last volume preparation, only the staff assistant will really know who all the reviewers are.

What we would like is to have a prospective list of manuscripts by the time the ocean science meeting occurs, with manuscripts to be in hand for review in the April/May time frame. We think this is possible since a number of pre-publication manuscripts had to be prepared for the ICES meeting and we know that more are now in the works. The Ocean Science meeting would be a good time for investigators to get together, share ideas, and work collaboratively on manuscripts. To get the ball rolling, we offer a list of possible papers that appear to be in the works predominantly by the physicists in the program.

Based on the ICES meeting, Bob Beardsley put together this initial list of topics being worked on which involve PO data. This is a very tentative list with Bob's view of the lead author listed first. The manuscript status code is: M = ICES manuscript exists, O = some work done, but no ICES manuscript, N = new idea or data just back for analysis.

  1. Inter-annual water property variability: Smith, Houghton, Mountain, (Irish, Brink, Beardsley)?? M (using 93-97 long-term data)
  2. 1995 May Slope Water intrusion: Manning, Churchill M
  3. 1995 small-scale current shear based on GPS drifter results: Churchill, Manning M
  4. 1995 turbulence measurements: Burgett, Hebert, Oakey M
  5. Climatological drifter data/model comparison: Naimie, Limeburner, Hannah, Beardsley M (using 95-97 drifter data)
  6. 1995 heat budget: Lentz, Beardsley,. O
  7. Comparison of 1995-1996 heat budget: Beardsley, Irish, .. N
  8. 1995 subtidal flow variability: Werner,.. N
  9. Examples of extreme wind forcing: Limeburner, Beardsley, Manning..N
  10. Hurricane Eduard - 1996: Williams, Irish, ... M
  11. Internal waves on the southern flank: Irish, Werner, Wiebe, ... M
  12. 1997 SeaSoar results: Lee, Brink, .... N
  13. 1997 recirculation experiment: Schlitz, Brink,... N

All those investigators wishing to contribute to this volume should send in a title, list of authors, and status using the codes above as soon as possible, and also advise us on what work you plan to do between now and the ocean sciences meeting. One objective of the above list is to encourage discussions between the different groups and the sharing of relevant data. We will expand on this list and return it all contributors to encourage additional exchange of information, ideas, and draft manuscripts.

Based on what we know about the manuscripts that now exist, we believe it is realistic to have the review process well underway by June of 1998 and manuscripts in revised form being sent to the editor for publication late in the fall.

There has been tentative agreement that the deadline for final acceptance will be 30 September 1998.

Last modified: June 16, 1998
Modified: December 12, 1997 - Peter Wiebe