International Council for the CM 1997

Exploration of the Sea



GLOBEC: Results From Interdisciplinary Programmes in the North Atlantic

Friday 26 September 1330-1530

Friday 26 September 1600-1730

Saturday 27 September 0830-1030

Saturday 27 September 1100-1230

Saturday 27 September 1330-1530

Order of the Day

Code Author and Co-Author Title order-Time-Day
T:00 P. Wiebe and S. Sundby Introduction to Session 0 - 1330-1335 (26)
T:01 B. Planque and P.C. Reid Changes in Calanus finmarchicus populations on a North Atlantic scale 1 - 1335-1350 (26)
T:02 B. Sullivan et al. Abundance and distribution of planktonic hydroids with respect to larval fish and hydrographic features on Georges Bank 18- 0915-0930 (27)
T:03 G. Klein-MacPhee et al. Mortality of Larval Cod Related to Predation by the hydroid Clytia gracilis on Georges Bank 27- 1200-1215 (27)
T:04 C. Ashjian et al. Distribution of plankton and particles across George Bank during 1994-1995 GLOBEC cruises: Results of cross-bank surveys using the video plankton recorder (VPR) 7 - 1505-1520 (26)
T:05 M.R. Heath et al. Climate fluctuations and the abundance of Calanus finmarchicus in the North Sea 4- 1420-1435 (26)
T:06 A.C. Bucklin and A.M. Bentley Seasonal patterns of distribution and abundance of the copepods, Pseudocalanus moultoni and P. newmani, on Georges Bank: evidence for a dynamic balance between retention and loss 31- 1400-1415 (27)
T:07 J.J. Bisagni Model estimates of interannual stratification variability on southern Georges Bank, 1985-1992 and 1995 22- 1015-1030 (27)
T:08 R. Limeburner and R. Beardsley Sources, sinks, and recirculation over Georges Bank during 1995-1997 28- 1215-1230 (27)
T:09 J.P. Manning et al. Advection of Cod and Haddock along the southern flank of Georges bank in the spring of 1995 and 1997 30- 1345-1400 (27)
T:10 Poster R.C. Groman and P.H. Wiebe The US Globec Georges Bank study data and information management system
T:11 Poster E.B. Martin et al. Effects of solar ultraviolet radiation on marine planktonic ciliate survival: Results from Georges Bank, GLOBEC 1995
T:12 Poster C.V.W. Lewis et al. Effect of daily and interannual wind variability on circulation and plankton transport over Georges Bank
T:13 C.B. Miller et al. Coupling of individual-based population dynamical models for stocks of Calanus finmarchicus with physical models of flow in the region of Georges Bank 15- 0830-0845 (27)
T:14 Poster A.J. Pershing et al. Inferring physical processes from patterns in acoustic data from the well-mixed area of Georges Bank using spatial statistics
T:15 J.A. Quinlan et al. A model-based study on the role of microzooplankton and prey aggregation in the feeding environment of Georges Bank larval cod and haddock 32- 1415-1430 (27)
T:16 L.P. Madin et al. Role of invertebrate predation of GLOBEC target species of copepods and larval fish on Georges Bank 19- 0930-0945 (27)
T:17 F.H. Page et al. Cod and haddock spawning on Georges Bank in relation to water residence times 2- 1350-1405 (26)
T:18 D. Lynch et al. Modelling copepod abundance and distribution on Georges Bank 6- 1450-1505 (26)
T:19 R.W. Houghton Lagrangian flow at the foot of a shelfbreak front using a dye tracer injected into the bottom boundary layer 35- 1500-1515 (27)
T:20 D. McGillicuddy et al. Evaluating the synopticity of the US Globec GEORGE Bank broad-scale sampling pattern with observational system simulation experiments 25- 1130-1145 (27)
T:21 H.-H. Hinrichsen et al. Testing the larval drift hypothesis in the Baltic Sea: retention vs. disperison due to the influence of the wind driven circulation 26- 1145-1200 (27)
T:22 O.P. Pedersen et al. The life history of Calanus finmarchicus at the Norwegian coas multiple generations or variable timing of recruitment in an advective environment 14- 1715-1730 (26)
T:23 Poster K. Tande et al. Trans-Atlantic study of Calanus finmarchicus (TASC) - Philosophy, targets and status
T:24 I. Martinez et al. Genetic structuring of Pandalus borealis in the Northeast Atlantic II. RAPD analysis 36- 1515-1530 (27)
T:25 M. de Fatima Borges et al. Is the decreasing recruitment of pelagic fish (sardine and horse mackerel) on the Portuguese continental shelf (ICES Division IXa) induced by a change on the environmental conditions? 24- 1115-1130 (27)
T:26 L. Valdes et al. Spatial and temporal changes of zooplankton biomass in the Cantabrian Sea (Bay of Biscay) and NW coast of Spain in relation to environmental conditions: A multidisciplinary study on SARP 10- 1615-1630 (26)
T:27 E. Durbin et al. Abundance and distribution of zooplankton on Georges Bank during 1995 and 1996 3- 1405-1420 (26)
T:28 Poster K. Wishner et al. Zooplankton and its association with bio-optically defined water masses on Georges Bank: Preliminary results from the 1997 US GLOBEC program
T:29 Poster S.R. Werner and R.C. Beardsley The bottom boundary layer on the southern flank of Georges Bank
T:30 Poster P.H. Wiebe et al. Broad-scale patterns of high frequency volume backscattering on Georges Bank during late spring/early summer of 1994,1995 and 1996
T:31 J.H. Churchill Horizontal shears and dispersion over the southern flank of Georges Bank 33- 1430-1445 (27)
T:32 K. Helle and M. Pennington The relation beween the spatial distributions of early juvenile cod (Gadus morhua L.) and zooplankton biomass in the Barents Sea 20- 0945-1000 (27)
T:33 R.C. Beardsley et al. A preliminary description of the heat budget, southern flank of Georges Bank, spring-summer, 1995: part 1. Surface heat flux 13- 1700-1715 (26)
T:34 Poster S.J. Lentz et al. A preliminary description of the heat budget, southern flank of Georges Bank, spring-summer 1995: Part II. Ocean response
T:35 Poster J. Green et al. Trophodynamics of cod and haddock larvae from GLOBEC broadscale studies on Georges Bank
T:36 N.L. Shackell and K.T. Frank Mixing of cod (Gadus morhua) yearclasses between eastern and western Scotian Shelf 23- 1100-1115 (27)
T:37 Poster J.D. Irish et al. Response of Georges Bank to Hurricance Edouard
T:38 J.D. Irish et al. US GLOBEC Georges Bank long-term mooring program 16- 0845-0900 (27)
T:39 Poster J.D. Irish et al. Internal tides on the southern flank of Georges Bank
T:40 Poster A. Conversi and S. Piontkovski Seasonal and interannual changes in Calanus finmarchicus and pseudocalanus spp. in the Northeastern US Shelf
T:41 R.G. Lough et al. A comparative study of feeding, condition, and growth of larval cod and haddock on southern Georges Bank, May 1993 vs. May 1994 11- 1630-1645 (26)
T:42 Poster J. Van Keuren et al. Factors critical to the foraging success of larval cod (Gadus morhua) on Georges Bank
T:43 C. Naimie et al. Comparison between numerically simulated and observed drifter trajectories on Georges Bank during 1995 field program 29- 1330-1345 (27)
T:44 D.R. Lynch et al. Data assimilation for circulation. Hindcasting on Georges Bank 34- 1445-1500 (27)
T:45 Poster C. Lee Scotian shelf water intrusions and storm-induced transports on the southern flank of Georges Bank: Preliminary results from the winter SeaSoar cruise
T:46 Poster C. Chen et al. Plankton production over Georges Bank: A3-D couple physical-biological model study
T:47 Poster R. Burgett et al. Bottom stress estimates from turbulent dissipation rate measurements on Georges Bank
T:48 A.R. Solow et al. Retrospective analysis of variability in zooplankton community composition on Georges Bank and the Northwest Atlantic 21- 1000-1015 (27)
T:49 J.A Runge Spatial and temporal variation in recruitment of Calanus finmarchicus on Georges Bank 9- 1600-1615 (26)
T:50 Poster M.C. Benfield et al. 3D mapping of zooplankton distribution in a stratified region of Georges Bank: Results from optical and acoustic sensing
T:51 P.C. Smith et al. Interannual variability of boundary fluxes and water mass properties in the Gulf of Maine and on Georges Bank 5-1435-1450 (26)
T:52 B. Neihoff and H-J Hirche The reproduction of Calanus finmarchicus in Norwegian Sea in spring 12-1645-1700 (26)
T:53 S. Irogoien et al. Calanus finmarchicus feeding and reproduction: a high frequency time series at watership M. Norwegian Sea during the 1997 spring bloom 17- 0900-0915 (26)
T:54 K. Brander Report on Workshop on Predicting Decadal Scale Ocean Climate Fluctuations of the North Atlantic 8-1520-1530 (26)