ICES Seagoing Workshop 1993 Spectral light data and supporting measurements

  • The light data and supporting measurements are stored in Excel-files.

  • For each Excel-file there is a *.crd file acting as a deployment log containing information on position, weather conditions, operator etc.
  • File names are made according to date notation : yymmdd

  • File names with last letter a,c,e,g,i are down-cast.
  • File names with last letter b,d,f,h,j are up-cast.
  • Measurement variables and units:

    In the *.crd files SKY CONDITION is described in Norwegian with an English translation in brackets.


    Data prepared by:

    Svenn Ove Linde
    Norges Teknisk Naturvitenskapelige Universitet (NTNU)
    Trondhjem Biologiske Stasjon
    7491 Trondheim

    Telefon: 73591598
    Fax: 73591597

    Any questions that may arise regarding the Spectroradiometer instrument itself and data acquired by the instrument, should be addressed to Svenn Ove Linde at NTNU directly.

    Part of the documentation has been humbly translated from Norwegian to English by Tor Knutsen at IMR.

    Tor Knutsen
    Tuesday 1 May 2000