Meteorological Data file format description (OM-87)

Meteorological data collected on the R/V A.v.Humboldt by the OM-87 system consisted of wind speed and direction, solar radiation, air pressure, air temperature, and humidity. These data along with ship position, ship speed, and ship direction, and surface temperature and salinity were logged while station work was occurring.

Format for MET files:

Measurement interval is 1 minute

Lines 1-4: ship's code, station number, water depth, operator name and instrument used to get positions

Lines 5- 27 (1-22): are calibration coefficients for the sensors.

Next two lines (28,29) at the head of the file are the Date and Start Time and End Time in GMT (UTC)

Next lines (30-48) are column headings, i.e.:

Then the data itself follows, separated by commas.