ICES Workshop at Sea 1993 CD-ROM


This CD-ROM is the first in a 4 CD-ROM series which contains text, data, images, and video loops that represent the results of the ICES Workshop at Sea held on board the Research Vessels Johan Hjort and A.v.Humboldt in 1993.

Produced January 2002
Biology Department
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Woods Hole, MA 02543-1127

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This CD-ROM set(Compact Disc-Read Only Memory) has been produced in accordance with the ISO 9660 CD-ROM Standard and is therefore capable of being read on any computing platform that has appropriate CD-ROM driver software installed.

This CD-ROM was designed to be used with a WWW html compatible browser. An introductory or index page will open automatically when each CD is in the drive from a PC running Windows. For non-PC systems (i.e. Macintosh- or Unix-based systems), from your browser select OPEN LOCAL FILE, and open the file readme1.htm from CD#1 or index.htm from one of the other CD-ROMS. Be aware that some pages of the CD may have a different appearance depending on which browser you use, although the editors sought to minimize this.

While most links are within the CD-ROM, there maybe some links that point to other Web sites. Your computer must be connected to the Internet in order to view these external documents.

The VIDEO images are designed to be viewed via a Web Browser on either Macintosh or Windows platforms (2k, 9x, NT). You may have trouble playing the video from a Unix or Solaris system.

It is possible to view these movies by accessing the CD-ROM directly from your video display software. This may be preferable, especially for those who have insufficient disk space to temporarily store the video images for use by the browser. However, you may not be able to play back from the Macintosh environment directly.

The MPEG2 video streams on CD#4 need dedicated hardware for playback. The company that converted the video, Fabelaktiv in Norway, recommends a RealMagic MPEG2 card. MS Mediaplayer will not play the MPEG2 files without MPEG2 hardware.


Most of the non-figure data appears on this CD-ROM set in two forms: The format in which the final version was received (usually Excel), and ascii text format. The ascii text versions were created primarily to facilitate looking at the data with a web browser. In the interests of readability, some values may have been rounded to fewer decimals than the original data which was submitted. Anyone wishing to use the data is strongly encouraged to download the Excel version.

The data contained herein are the intellectual property of the collecting investigator(s). Any person making substantial use of a data set should communicate with the investigators who acquired the data prior to publication and anticipate that the data collectors will be co-authors of published results. For information contact:


The data on this CD-ROM set represent the work of a large number of individuals in a number of Institutions too numerous to name. We thank all these individuals for their contributions and their patience as we worked together to produce the material for this CD-ROM set. We also thank the Officers and crew of the R/V A.v.Humboldt and the R/V Johan Hjort for their excellent support during the Workshop-at-Sea.

M. D. Allison
P. H. Wiebe
R. C. Groman


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