EXCO Minutes - September 25, 1995

Dear Globecians,

Minutes from the September GLOBEC Georges Bank Executive Committee meeting
follow.  As always, your feedback is welcome.


Dian Gifford
     The GLOBEC-Georges Bank Executive Committee met on 25 September
     1995 at Woods Hole, Massachusetts
     Present:  Bob Beardsley, Steve Bollens, Ann Bucklin, Cabell Davis,
     Ted Durbin, Dian Gifford, Greg Lough, Dan Lynch, Dave Mountain,
     Peter Wiebe
     Absent: Mike Fogarty
     Guests:  Bob Groman
     The following items were discussed:
     1.  COP Connections to GLOBEC.  NOAA's contributions to GLOBEC will
     no longer come from the Office of Global Programs (OGP), but from
     the Coastal Ocean Program (COP).  COP's financial status is still
     under revision in congress and its future is uncertain.  The Senate
     has recommended $13 Million for COP.  The COP program manager, Don
     Scavia, feels this is the minimum he needs to support COP's
     programs, including GLOBEC.   If funding comes through at less than
     this, it is unclear that GLOBEC will receive funding.  Scavia is
     also interested in supporting the west coast GLOBEC effort. Exactly
     where, within NOAA, COP will reside in the future is unclear. 
     Possible locations include the National Ocean Service (NOS) or
     National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS).  Peter Wiebe reported
     that Don Scavia prefers NMFS because NOS does not now support
     offshore research and its management does not now seem sympathetic
     to such research. Its focus is more coastal, estuarine, and
     oriented toward coastal zone management.  The OGP, managed by Mike
     Hall, is also being moved and/or eliminated, but the overall NOAA
     reorganization is on hold until after the new year (this means no
     RIFs). EXCO views the incorporation of the GLOBEC Georges Bank
     program into COP as a positive change, since our present program
     manager, Mike Hall, still refuses to attend any meetings about
     Peter Wiebe reviewed some of his dealings with congressional
     staffers, and encourages all SIs to participate in these
     activities, as appropriate.  Peter and Mike Fogarty have prepared
     a book of figures and illustrations about the COP predation studies
     on the Bank and about the GLOBEC Georges Bank program. They have
     used the hydroid story as a central theme in recent presentations
     because it can be tied to environmental change and effects of
     fishing on the ecosystem.  Scott Gallager is giving a presentation
     to Representative Lewis' staff at WHOI today.  Peter suggests that
     EXCO think about some guidelines for such presentations, so that
     the program speaks with a unified voice.  
     Bob Beardsley noted that Don Scavia might ask GLOBEC PIs to write
     to Jim Baker and/or Kathy Sullivan regarding support for the COP
     2.  Another political item.  Peter suggested that the perceived
     competition with the west coast GLOBEC program is counterproductive
     and that the Georges Bank program should build strong bridges with
     the west coast program.  We should be working on a strategy to
     support all of GLOBEC's programs.  Ted Stroub, who is organizing
     the west coast program, has been extremely supportive of the
     Georges Bank program.  Peter sees the potential to work with COP as
     a means to potentially leverage more funding.  Dan Lynch noted that
     the RMRP project, which was supposed to be a national program, only
     spun up in the Gulf of Maine and is now dead, in part because it
     did not have a national constituency.  Cabell noted that more
     international programs are spinning up, and have started at the
     grass roots level of basic science as a good approach to study
     marine populations.  Dan Lynch noted that the Canadian GLOBEC
     program is also committed to east and west coast programs.
     3.   Chief Scientists for 1996 cruises.  The following roster of
     Chief Scientists for the 1996 broadscale cruises was proposed:
     Broad-Scale cruises:
     January 9-21 (Endeavor): Ted Durbin
     February 11-23 (Endeavor):    This cruise is a problem because it
                                   overlaps with the AGU/ASLO meeting. 
                                   ??Peter Garrahan. ??Erik Horgan. 
                                   ??Theresa Rotunno
     March 11-23 (Oceanus): Peter Wiebe  
     April 8-20 (Endeavor): John Sibunka
     May 8-19 (Albatross): Jack Green
     June 3-14 (Albatross): Dave Mountain
     Mooring Cruises/Drifter Deployments:
     March 29-April 13 (Oceanus): Jim Irish
     Early September (ship pending): Jim Irish
     October 24-November 4 (Oceanus): Jim Irish
     November 30-December 2 (Oceanus): Dick Limeburner
     Dave Mountain reported that Wally Morse and Peter Berrien would
     like to revisit the broadscale station strategy of 38/20 and
     discuss the possibility of not returning for resampling, but simply
     adding extra samples in order to minimize the time separation
     between the two rounds of sampling.  EXCO agreed that the
     broadscale PIs would review this item before the next field year
     4.  The SI Meeting Agenda.  Bob Groman reported that there was a
     good response from the SIs.  EXCO reviewed and revised the agenda
     of SI submissions to date. SIs who have not yet responded were
     identified and will be contacted by EXCO regarding participation in
     the meeting [this has been done].  The final agenda will be
     circulated on ggball by Bob Groman [this has been done]. 
     There will be a workshop report produced which contains abstracts
     of presentations.  Each session will have a chairman and a
     rapporteur (both from EXCO).
     Dave Mountain noted that NMFS SIs do not have travel money yet this
     fiscal year, and it is unclear how this travel can be paid.  NMFS
     has approached Mark Eakin about funding the travel.  Peter Wiebe
     also offered program office funds to cover the travel.    
     5.  Invited Speaker Selection for AGU/ASLO.  Dave Mountain and
     Peter Wiebe are session chairmen for the Georges Bank/Gulf of Maine
     special session at AGU/ASLO.  A list of invited speakers (if any)is
     needed by 3 October.  The committee could not achieve consensus on
     who should be invited, but agreed on the desirability of achieving
     both disciplinary balance and representation of program goals. It
     was agreed that the focus for invited speakers should be
     zooplankton, and noted that invited status is not important except
     as a mechanism for SIs to give more than one presentation at the
     meetings.  Dave and Peter agreed to meet and generate a list of
     invitees [This has been done]. 
     6.  Preparations for inviting fishermen to a future EXCO 
     meeting. Three fishermen have been invited to the SI meeting.  
     They were chosen by Ann Bucklin on the basis of leadership in 
     local fishing communities: 1 from NH, one from New Bedford, MA, 
     and one from Maine.  The fishermen may want to participate in 
     the GLOBEC field program.  If GLOBEC wants more platforms, we 
     will have to educate the fishermen to make certain kinds of 
     measurements and as well as investigate opportunties through 
     NOAA/NMFS to equip their ships. The committee discussed the 
     issue of benefits to GLOBEC of the fishermen's participation, 
     noting that GLOBEC does not make any claims about solving 
     management problems. However, their involvement may cross-cut 
     many issues important to NOAA, including using results from 
     basic science programs to help solve real-world problems.  This 
     collaboration should be approached with care, and should 
     involve small numbers of fishermen selected for their interest, 
     knowledge of Georges Bank, and capabilities. It was agreed that 
     a general invitation to the commercial fishing industry to 
     attend the SI meeting would not be appropriate.             
     7.  GOM meeting.  GLOBEC EXCO members are invited to GOM data
     meeting the 4th week of October and will receive separate
     invitations from Dave Townsend.
     The meeting adjourned at 1445 hours.