EXCO Minutes April 5, 1997

Below are the minutes from last month's ExCo meeting.  Sorry these are
late in getting out, but a broad scale cruise intervened and this
spent some time at the bottom of the electronic pile.


Executive Committee Meeting - April 5, 1997
The GLOBEC Northwest Atlantic/Georges Bank Executive Committee meet on 
April 5 in the  Smith Building conference room at WHOI.  The meeting 
began a 10:00 AM and was attended by  committee members Peter Wiebe 
(chair), Karen Wishner, Ted Durbin, Jim Bisagni, David  Mountain, Bob 
Beardsley and Larry Madin.  Bob Groman also attended.  A draft agenda 
had been  circulated to ggball, and no additional topics were added to 
Development of an A.O. for Phase III:
The first topic was the continued development of an Announcement of 
Opportunity for Phase III  of the program.  A first draft had been sent 
out to all SI's.  Peter handed out a revised version of  the A.O. and 
comments he had received on the original version.  While not many 
comments were  received, some common points were made.  In particular, 
concern was raised whether all of the  topic areas in the draft A.O. 
could realistically be addressed (or should be addressed) given the 
funding limitations.  Considerable discussion ensued by all attendees. 
Conclusions included that:
     The original intent was that the various topic areas identified not be
viewed as separate, but that  proposed work should integrate or include 
a number of these areas;
     Assimilative modeling was not to be a topic, in and of itself, but a
potentially useful tool that  investigators might use;
     The future development of ecosystem indices should become part of
thinking during proposed  work, but not separate activity for proposal;
     Synthesis of Phase I and II results was still felt to be a valid topic
area, although it would be  indicated that a synthesis phase of the 
program would be the focus of a subsequent A.O.;
     Regional studies and integrated Scotian Shelf/GOM, GB should be
identified in program goals.  The regional and basin comparisons are 
really a way to gain understanding of the effects of  climate change. 
The intent is for researchers on Georges Bank to be aware of and 
interacting  with researchers working on the Scotian Shelf and in 
Canadian GLOBEC;
     The need for continued vital rates work should be specifically
     In describing the process work, the aggregation organisms associated
with frontal processes  should be added;
     In the description section, the Sea Technology article, which has a lot
of background information,  should be cited;
The structure of the draft A.O. would be revised to follow more closely 
the previously identified  program areas: broad-scale, process, modeling 
and retrospective analyses.  Bob Beardsley and Ted Durbin broke off to 
draft a revised section describing the process oriented research.  Peter 
and Bob Groman would take any input received and draft a final version 
to be presented at the GLOBEC Scientific Steering Committee meeting in 
Boulder the next week (10 April 97).
Presentations for the Scientific Steering Committee Meeting:
At the GLOBEC Scientific Steering Committee Meeting to be held in 
Boulder on April 9-11, a series of presentations are scheduled to 
describe the Northwest Atlantic/Georges Bank program and its progress. 
The schedule of presentations was suggested as:
     Peter Wiebe      - overview
     David Mountain   - broad scale physics 
     Ted Durbin       - zooplankton
     Bob Beardsley    - process physics (with some associated process
                        larval results)
     Dale Haidvogel   - modeling
Peter, David, Ted, and Bob each described and/or showed what they 
intended to present in Boulder.  It was agreed to meet in Boulder on 
Wednesday night to review all of the presentations.
Scientific Investigators Meeting:
The next Scientific Investigators meeting is scheduled for July 21-23 in 
Woods Hole.  The last time (fall of `95) the meeting had short 
presentations by all who wanted - which allowed everyone to talk, but was 
a lot to digest and synthesis.  For the coming meeting it was suggested 
that the first  morning be dedicated to synthesis talks in different 
topic areas.  The idea would be for one  presenter (a hero yet to be 
identified) on a topic area, and for all who have some results in that 
area supply that person with input.  An initial list of topics:
     Interannual variability in physical fields
     Interannual variability in biological fields - target species,
             predator fields source - retention - loss
     Stratification PO/Biology
     Coupled physical/biological modeling
This would be followed by about 2 hours of discussion.  Then sessions 
with individual presentations would begin:
     Day 1          2 hours at the end
     Day 2          8 hours (24 talks)
     Day 3          4 hours (12 talks)
Among the topics for the Discussion section would be the Announcement of 
Opportunity (which hopefully would have been issued), the Baltimore ICES 
meeting in September/October, and the Ocean Sciences Meeting in February 
1998.  Including night time presentations and/or discussion periods will 
be considered. Additional work in organizing the PI workshop will occur 
at the next EXCO meeting.
This basic outline for the meeting will be sent to GGBALL to ask for 
comment, input, suggestions. Rooms have been reserved at WHOI, and 
blocks of rooms at hotels are set aside.  More info will be passed to 
SI's in the near future.
Ship Schedule For 1998:
The vessel needs for the program in 1998 were identified and the 
appropriate requests will be  made to obtain the ship time: six broad 
scale surveys (January - June with ALBATROSS IV to be used in Jan, May 
and June), two process cruises for Chuck Greene in the Gulf of Maine, 
and two mooring cruises for Irish.  In addition, time on ALBATROSS IV is 
available in November 1997, with the specific purpose yet to be 
The meeting adjourned at 4:00 PM.