GLOBEC Georges Bank Executive Committee Meeting
July 7, 1997
204 Redfield

Attending:	L. Madin, E. Durbin, G. Lough, J. Bisagni, S. 
Gallagar, P. Wiebe, D. Mountain, and R. Beardsley.
		R. Groman, D. Busch also attended

The agenda for the meeting had three items:	

		1.  Finalize plans and agenda for the SI meeting
		2.  Equipment needs for next year
		3.  Phase III funding

Peter call the meeting to order and asked for additional agenda 
items.  None were tabled.  Jim Bisagni’s situation discussed at 
the last meeting has been resolved.

Equipment Needs:

During the June Broad Scale survey cruise John Sibunka and Jack 
Green raised the issue of equipment needs for next year - 
specifically MOC-10 nets.  Also the MOC-1 that was lost in May 
and recovered needs some repairs.

An inventory of MOC-10 nets is:

	16 nets	(8 WHOI, 8 NMFS)
			NMFS all need repair
			3 WHOI need repair

Ten nets are needed for next year.  WHOI did have 5 repaired this 
past year at a cost of about half that of a new net (about $600 
vs $1200/net).  One option would be to repair 5 more and meet the 
need.  Greg Lough will check the NMFS nets to see if repair seems 
advisable.  A flow meter also is in need of repair.  The 
inventory of buckets seems to be sufficient.  The URI fine mesh 
MOC-1 nets are OK.  Greg will check on the status of the NMFS 333 
MOC-1 nets.  The transmissometer on the NMFS CTD used on broad 
scale cruises has not been functioning properly.  It will be 
checked when the system gets calibrated this fall.

Phase III funding:

The program managers are holding onto the draft AO while they 
deal with west coast issues - particularly the El Nino that 
appears to be beginning.  If funding limitations become a 
determining issue, a delay of Phase III from 1999 to 2000 might 
be considered.  The ExCo discussed the timing of Phase III and 
felt that it would be important to conduct the field work in 1999 
as originally planned for a number of reasons:  

1.	it would be difficult to keep the established team of
	investigators together through an intervening year
2.	it would seem to result in the east coast and west coast
	GLOBEC programs having major field years simultaneously
3.	2000 would be out of phase with the Canadian GLOBEC program
	The CoOp Great Lakes program may take place in 2000 and 
	cause a conflict for some present Georges Bank investigators 

Also, a lot of changes are taking place in NOAA, which could 
affect GLOBEC.  COP still may be moved into NOS and become more 
coastal in orientation.  What this would mean for GLOBEC is not 

SI Meeting preparations:

The status of the overview talks was reviewed.  In most cases, 
while some preparations have begun, a lot more will need to be 
done before the meeting.

Interannual Variability in the Physics - this is coming together, 
with Peter Smith as the lead person - although he has been at 
sea.  Jim Bisagni will supply slide of interannual variability in 
stratification derived from satellite data.

Interannual Variability in the Biology - Ted Durbin said that his 
group is still analyzing data, but will have some things to show; 
Larry Madin will have the MOC-10 data from May each year (when 
have best coverage to allow comparison).  Peter indicated that 
Ann Bucklin could supply some results from her work.  Also Steve 
Bollens will be contacted about retrospective results.

Stratification - Bob Beardsley will lead this with a biologist - 
yet to be determined, but nominated to be Jeff Runge.  C. Davis 
and D. Gifford are preparing some results.  Greg Lough felt that 
biology side of this section should be largely zooplankton since 
much of the larval fish data will be included in the intrusions 
section.  He also suggested that the biological presentation 
focus on vital rates, as in the diagram in the implementation 

Intrusions - Scott Gallager, Jim Manning and Jim Irish are 
putting this together, with the primary focusing being on the 
1995 events, the ring event in May and the Scotian Shelf 
intrusion in March.  The presentation will include not only 
actual or completed results, but also reference other data not 
fully processed, but likely to eventually shed light on the 

Coupled Physical/Biological modeling - Dan Lynch is coordinating 
this and feels things are coming together.

As a side note on modeling, Bob Beardsley described the plans for 
modeling the spring of 1995 circulation that were developed at 
the recent Chapman conference.   Jim Manning will be doing this 
using the Dartmouth barotropic model and atmospheric forcing 
generated by a NOAA Observations & Predicitions modelling effort.

Bob Groman would like input from the ‘heros’ of each topic area 
as to who they know is planning to give a talk in that topic 

Review of Agenda for the meeting -

Bob Groman handed out the agenda, largely what was developed at 
the last ExCo meeting.  Have about 45 persons registered so far, 
and another 15-20 are anticipated.  Thirteen persons have 
expressed interest in giving a 15 minute talk and 21 indicated 
they would give posters.  Depending upon how many more talks are 
requested, the time presently allotted to the poster session may 
be expanded.  Two members of the GLOBEC review committee will 
attend the SI meeting, as will the program managers. 

The meeting adjourned at noon.