EXCO Minutes - August 24, 1998

Exco Meeting
August 24, 1998
Redfield, WHOI

Attending:	P. Wiebe, L. Madin, E. Durbin, D. Mountain, with 
                Bob Groman

The meeting began a 10:30 with two topics for discussion - the 
problem with NOAA funding for shiptime and the agenda for the 
Data Workshop.

NOAA Shiptime problem: 

Last week an e-mail concerning the problem with NOAA's funding of 
shiptime for GLOBEC and ECOHAB was forwarded to all PI's by Bob 
Groman. Peter summarized the current situation as he knows it.  
The best solution is for a Congressional add-on to the NOAA 
appropriation that will supply the needed funds.  Some activity 
is pushing for this.  Generating support for this action was the 
intent of the e-mail last week.

Data Workshop Agenda:

Some SI's had expressed interest in a more detailed schedule for 
the workshop.  The agenda developed last May was reviewed and 
changes/additions/detail were considered.  The agenda identified 
three products for the Workshop - white papers about 1) 
transitioning of GLOBEC results to operational applications; 2) 
on the goals, objectives and mechanisms for data synthesis, as a 
basis for Phase IV; and 3) developing more comprehensive 
collaboration with Canadian and European scientists working in 
GLOBEC-like projects. Peter emphasized the importance of these 
products to the progress of the program.

The initial schedule also identified 5 data analysis/synthesis 
topic areas to be addressed at the workshop.  Ted Durbin 
suggested an additional topic be added:

	predation impact on zooplankton abundance vs direct
	mortality estimates

A session on planning the 1999 cruises is scheduled for Monday 
(September 14).  Peter indicated that the workshop report should 
include detailed cruise plans, as was done in 1996 and which 
proved quite useful.

ExCo was reluctant to fill out the Workshop schedule in too much 
detail - e.g., which of the data analysis/synthesis topics would 
be addressed on which day - feeling this is really up to the SI's 
who attend.  It was decided to have a session on Wednesday (Sept 
9) afternoon to form and schedule the groups that will address 
the various data analysis/synthesis sessions.

Rapporteurs will be needed for each session of the Workshop - to 
provide input for the final report - as done at the last Data 

At the last Data Workshop the election of the ExCo for Phase II 
was done.  It was decided that the election of the new ExCo for 
Phase III should wait until after the workshop - to when all 
budgets are final.

The updated Data Workshop agenda and schedule will be made 
available on the GLOBEC web page. 

 The meeting was adjourned at noon.