EXCO Meeting Minutes - August 2, 1999

Date: August 2, 1999

Location: WHOI, Woods Hole, MA

Attending: P. Wiebe, D. Townsend, D. Lynch, J. Bisagni, D. Gifford, E. Durbin, K. Ashjin, D. Mountain. G. Lough joined the meeting late.

Missing: R. Beardsley and L. Madin were unable to attend.

Also attending: Robert Groman and Donna Busch also attended.

Peter Wiebe reviewed the agenda and asked for additional items. The two items to be discussed were the agenda for the Scientific Investigators Meeting in November and the Ocean Sciences meeting next January.

Ocean Sciences Meeting:

A special session on 'Integrating biology and physics in ecosystem studies of planktonic populations'. The intent is to have participation by all GLOBEC related programs. The co-convenors are Peter Wiebe, Tom Powell, Brad de Young, Eileen Hofmann, and Bob Beardsley. Abstracts are due by September 23 (mailed submission) or September 30 (web submission).

Scientific Investigators Meeting Agenda:

The two main purposes of the meeting which is now scheduled for Monday - Wednesday, November 8 -10, 1999 are to share information and to plan future synthesis activities.

The basic layout or approach to the meeting was discussed. In 1997 the SI meeting had "hero" talks to summarize major areas. It takes a lot of time and not everyone's results get included in the end. In 1995 there were more short presentations, which gives everyone a chance, but can be short on depth. In 1997 there also were posters, which provides the opportunity for detail. Having posters again this year was strongly endorsed. Giving each SI the opportunity for a short talk, with added depth being presented in a poster if necessary was decided as the approach to take to this year's meeting.

To organize the talks, a list was developed of the major activity areas or PI groups:


        1.  Source/Retention/Loss & Cross Frontal Exchange
                a.  Satellite oceanography
                b.  Vital rates group (zoo, fish) in context of
                        source water vs bank water
                c.  Northern flank exchange & Recirculation
                        VPR studies
                        SeaSoar studies
                        Mooring studies
                d. Overview of 1999 field studies, including
                        assimilative real time modeling
        2.  Regional to Bank Studies
                a. Seasonal and Interannual changes on the Bank
                        during the program
                                Modeling - hindcasting and
                                 coupling of physics and bio
                b. Larger scale exchanges involving the Slope
                        Water, Scotian Shelf and the Gulf of
                        Maine regions, including coupling of
                        global and coastal
                        circulation and bio models.

        3.  Stratification (Posters only)

The items above address the presentation of results by individuals and/or groups of PI's. Modeling results would be included where appropriate in the listed topic areas. The three items below address discussion topics to be addressed at the meeting:

        4. Discussion of (1) the current status of achieving the
           overall program goals of understanding population
           dynamics of four target species and (2) the next steps
           needed to reach a fundamental new understanding.
           (Discussion topic #1).

        5. Creation of working groups for particular "Hot
                Topics" and development of Phase IV AO.

        6. Discussion group on a possible LTER and what's
           required in way of measurements to keep an
           assimilative ecosystem/information system model of
           Gulf of Maine/Georges Bank going:
               a. Kinds of measurements
               b. Number/location of measurements
               c. Timing of measurements
               d. Operational home and structure for the work

Having special talks or presentations were considered. One topic suggested was a look at another program that has progressed from research to application and could stimulate our discussions on synthesis and future activities:

To get the meeting organized, the following timeline was developed:

  1. ExCo Minutes out right away
  2. Groman requests titles from SI's (send request by Aug 6)
  3. Deadline for receipt of titles - September 15.
  4. Abstracts due before the meeting

Nominally, talks will be allotted 10 minutes.

A first draft at a meeting schedule:

             Day 1             Day 2                 Day 3
0830                           (7)
0900          (3)                                 Discussion #2
1015       Break              Break               Break
              (6)             Posters             Discussion #3
1200    -----------------------------------------------------
          2 hour Posters   Discussion #1
                           Talks (as needed)     Break out groups
1500          (8)

        Evening Talk?      Break out groups?

The numbers in () indicate the estimated number of talks in a session.

The discussion session topics would be:

        Discussion #1:          meeting program goals/synthesis
        Discussion #2:          Hot topics and Phase IV AO
        Discussion #3:          LTER and other follow on

Names of possible discussion leaders and rapporteurs were suggested and they will be contacted to determine their willingness to serve.

Posters should break out in two groups, such that in each poster session, half of the posters have their author(s) standing by them.

A list of special needs will need to be made: VCR/monitor, computer/projector, internet hook up.

We will want to have time for break out sessions. This could be on the afternoon of Day 2, depending on how many talks are submitted.

For an evening talk on the first day, inviting a member of the New England Fisheries Management Council was suggested, and will be pursued.

All of the above ideas are tentative and feedback from the Investigators is encouraged.

The next ExCo was scheduled for September 20 at CMAST.

The meeting adjourned at 2 PM.

Contributed by: David Mountain
Last modified: August 3, 1999