Georges Bank ExCo meeting - Thursday, March 25, 2005
NEFSC, Woods Hole, MA

Attending: Peter Wiebe, Robert Beardsley, David Mountain, Greg Lough, Robert Groman, and by phone, David Townsend, Jeff Runge, and Jamie Pringle.

Peter called the meeting to order at 9:15

Open meeting for Phase IV(b): It was decided that it would be a valuable to have an open meeting for organizing Phase IV(b) proposals, as has been done in the past. In looking at dates, April 19-20 was felt to be the best option, pending input from the rest of the community. The location is yet to be determined.

DSR Volume update: Thirteen manuscripts have been received so far (and maybe one or two more). We probably can accept at least 20 and maybe more. A number of likely additional submissions (~15) were identified and they easily would complete the volume. The list of received and likely manuscripts will be compiled and sent out to the programs PI, as well as being put on the website.

Review of the Iceland BASIN meeting held 12 to15 March 2005: Peter reviewed the purpose of the meeting and the activities at the meeting. He (and the other attendees on ExCo) felt that it was quite successful. The report from the meeting is expected soon (under a very aggressive schedule) and that will lead to the development of a science plan by June.

Accomplishments for next SSC meeting (May 4-6): Peter needs to have input on the progress on the five projects to present at the next SSC meeting. Reviewing the Powerpoint presentation that Beth Turner made at the June 2004 meeting (which is online at the GLOBEC Website) might be helpful in formulating the input by each project. Input is requested by the open meeting in late April.

Next PI/SI and other meetings: A target species meeting was held in January, hosted by Catherine Johnson at UNH. That group is planning on a follow-on meeting in late May. RARGOM is planning a meeting to bring observationalists and modelers together to consider what questions the models can or are needed to address and what observations the models would need to be run. The meeting is planned sometime in July. This meeting might be combined with a meeting suggested at the PI meeting last June on long temporal/spatial variability that influence the Gulf of Maine and Georges Bank systems. In addition, Bob mentioned some additional issues that came up in the recent ORION meeting and the value of having a group get together at the open meeting in April, as well. For the next PI/SI meeting the feeling was that a date in the fall would be best, perhaps in October. The PIs will be queried concerning available dates for the meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:10.

Contributed by: David Mountain, March 25, 2004