Network Notes for the

U.S. GLOBEC Georges Bank
Scientific Investigators' Workshop
University of New Hampshire
New England Center

There will be 10BaseT computer connections available for all registered attendees at the Scientific Investigators' Workshop who have indicated on their registration form that they will need it. (To register, click here.)

In order to connect to the Internet you need the necessary network hardware to interface to 10BaseT, and familiarity with your networking software so that you can modify several network parameters. You will be assigned an IP address and system name when you arrive at the workshop.

The following is additional information for the slate subnet.

	primary gateway:
	secondary gateway:

	primary nameserver:	(
	secondary nameserver:	(
	secondary nameserver:	(

	subnet mask:

Macintosh users who are using the MACTCP software should be sure that they also have the AdminTCP software so that they can make changes to their network settings.

For additional information contact Bob Groman or Scott Kitterman, UNH Telecommunications, (603) 862-4776,

Last updated: April 2, 1998