Contacting the R/V Oceanus

The R/V Oceanus is owned by the National Science Foundation and operated under a Charter Party Agreement by the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.

Shipboard Communications

Information about shipboard communications capabilities is available from the OCEANUS Home Page at the Communication at Sea link.

Emergency numbers

In an emergency situation (e.g. death of a relative), if you need to contact a scientist on board the ship while at sea, the vessel may be reached by telephone (via satellite). Please be advised, however, that the charge per minute to the caller is approximately $10. The following numbers should be used in an urgent situation only.

When the vessel is at the dock at Woods Hole, MA, the telephone number is 508/457-2000 Ext. 0 (followed by the # key). Ask the operator to connect you to the ship. There are several dockside phone numbers for the Institution's ships. The number can change depending on where the ship is docked.

Other contacts include:

Port Office, tel. 508/289-2208, FAX 508/540-8675

Jon Alberts, Marine Operations Coordinator,
tel.508/289-2277, FAX 508/457-2185, internet:

Last updated: June 26, 2007