GLOBEC Contribution Numberts
From: (Hal Batchelder)
Subject: GLOBEC Contribution No. Reminder

R E M I N D E R ------- R E M I N D E R ------- R E M I N D E R

Hello to all GLOBECIANS,

It has come to our attention in the past several months that several U.S. GLOBEC supported publications have been printed without receiving a U.S. GLOBEC Contribution Series Number. Each year we furnish to the NSF and NOAA a list of all U.S. GLOBEC supported publications. Publications are one of the benchmarks used to justify the validity of the program and the significance of the scientific results. For that reason it is important that all publications, thesis' or other documents (excluding unrefereed reports and cruise reports) that result from the U.S. GLOBEC program be assigned a Contribution Number prior to publication. To maintain continuity in the numbering sequence, we prefer to assign the numbers at the proof stage. This avoids the problem of rejected manuscripts upsetting the sequence. Thus, we request that submitted manuscripts include an acknowledgement similar to the following:

"This is contribution number XXX of the U.S. GLOBEC program, funded jointly by the NSF and NOAA."

In many cases you would also want to acknowledge the specific NSF or NOAA award number as well. When you have your proofs available, contact our office for a number to substitute for the XXX above.

Thank you for your cooperation on this matter.


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