Cruise Preparations

Data Reporting Requirements

Remember that chief Scientists on U.S. GLOBEC Georges Bank cruises have several reporting obligations with respect to data collected on their cruises. See the Chief Scientist Data Reporting Requirements documenation for details.

Security Clearance Needed on NOAA Ships for Non-U.S. Citizens

All GLOBECER's who even suspect they might have a non-U.S. citizen on a NOAA vessel during this/next year to submit a security clearance form to Chuck Byrne at NOAA/NMFS at least a month in advance of the departure date of the cruise. For broad-scale GLOBEC, Donna Busch usually provides the form (if she knows that the participant is a foreign national) and follow up, then submit it to Chuck myself. But, for GLOBEC process cruises, it is up to the sponsor of the person in cooperation with the chief scientist to obtain (from Chuck) and complete the form and submit it to Chuck at least one month prior to sailing. Chuck's email or phone 508-495-2224.

Last modified: June 1, 1997