Additional Endeavor Data Processing Details

File: ENMET.TXT         20 July 1998
Edo depth error correction: replace bad value with previous value.

EN259 - Standard processing. 17625 data records
EN260 - Standard processing. 7641 data records.
EN261 - Standard processing except added SSTHULL. SSTHULL is only SST
        in 15 & 60 minute averages. 14168 data records.
EN262 - Standard Processing with SSTHULL. 22,489 records.
EN263 - Standard Processing with SSTHULL.
EN264 - Standard Processing with SSTHULL. 116,543 records.
EN265 - Standard processing with all variables up to now plus long-wave
        radiation. 15,742 records.
         5/12/98 - Reprocessed with later software which corrects the 
         time base. One day gap from 109.6 to 110.6.
EN266 - Standard processing with all variables up to now plus short-wave
        radiation except that the SW values should be divided by about 5.
        18,198 records.
EN267 - Very dirty. Had 3 gaps, one 11 hours with a few smatterings of
        data. Processed with interpolating form of ENMET.
        39,198 records, 783 interpolated records.
EN268 - Data gap 20:47:17 to 24:00:00 on last day. Filled it with
        linearly interpolated data. There was a problem with short wave
        formatting in raw data. Values > 999.9 read ****. Replaced
        garbage with 999.9 except for a few not near the middle of the
        day which were replaced with previous value. A number of gaps
        in Edo depth. 8465 records, 284 interpolated.
EN269 - 12 hour gap in AT, RH, BP, LW on day 194. A few SW values of ****
        near mid day. Replaced them with 999.9. A number of gaps in Edo
        depth. 4946 records, 3 interpolated.
EN275 - No short-wave or long-wave => all zeros in output files. Very
        little usable Edo depth. 8540 records, 94 interpolated.
EN276 - Data gap from 20:11:57 Jan 19 (19.84163) through 18:21:52 Jan 20
        (20.76519). Linearly interpolated through it except for SW.
        Linear interpolation of SW from 19.84163 to zero at sunset, -4.0
        until sunrise, linear interpolation to value at 20.76588. Edo
        depth had a lot of error values which were mostly correctible.
        18,110 records, 1330 interpolated.
EN278 - Air temp went below -9.9 for a few hours after the first midnight
        but the Endeavor format only had room for 4 characters so all
        those values were ****. Subsituted -9.9 for ****. The rest of
        the file was fairly clean. 18,053 records, 104 interpolated.
EN279 - Pretty clean. No special problems. 14,018 records, 5 interpolated.
EN280 - Very clean except that there is a gap from 0347-2155Z on 12 March
        (day 071) which I linearly interpolated all variables through.
        15,266 records, 1089 interpolated.
EN282 - Clean except there were about 20 overrange points in short wave
        radiation and the EDO depth was pretty noisy. 17,946 records,
        0 interpolated.
EN283 - Fairly clean and short. 17 interpolated records. Reprocessed
        with ENMET283. Generally good data. 8148 data records, 16
EN286 - Processed with ENMET286. RH very noisy. Edo depth had few values
        so I filled in with Chirp Sonar. Poor quality in combination.
        30335 data records, 690 interpolated.
EN287 - Clean except for noisy Edo depth. 26,990 data records, 22
EN288 - Pretty clean. 10,713 records, 15 interpolated.
EN290 - Quite clean and short but SW,LW,EDOZ are all 0.0 throughout the
        file. 5181 records, 0 interpolated.
EN292 - Very clean file. Almost no editing required. Only a few hours
        of Edo depth, however. 15017 records, 2 interpolated.
EN293 - Very clean. No Edo depth. 8052 records, no interpolated.
EN294 - Clean and short - 5 days. No interpolated records
EN295 - Very clean.  Little useful Edo depth. Blocks of both GPS data
        missing, but not simultaneously. 37,455 records, 4 interpolated.
        6/9/98 - Wrote MET1MIN.FOR to interpolate EN295W.DAT to a 1 minute
        series on the minute for Beardsley. Output is EN295W1.DAT.
EN296 - Second GPS missing through most of file. Not significant since
        I usually use the Trimble. About 2 hours of SW & LW data missing
        on day 69 in early afternoon. Heavy clouds so SW low and LW
        steady. Interpolated values. Only a very few Edo depth values.
        18067 records, 8 interpolated.
EN297 - About 4 hours of SW and LW values missing in YD 89. Most of Edo
        depths there with short gaps and numerous bad individual values.
        16592 records, 0 interpolated.
EN298 - 2:18 gap on day 97. Linearly interpolated through it. Almost no
        Edo depth data. 17822 records, 141 interpolated.
EN301 - Clean, no interpolated values. Almost no Edo Z values and much
        Magellan GPS data missing.
EN302 - Lots of Magellan GPS data missing in first few days. No useful
        EDO depth data. Otherwise pretty clean.
EN303 - Good data. No Edo depths.
EN307 - Good data. No Edo depths. Many big chunks of Magellan data missing.
EN308 - Good data. Edo depth good. Much of Magellan data missing. Gap
        in data from 1305 to 2359 on day 299, 26 October. Linear
        interpolation through is OK for most variables but not for
        short-wave radiation since most of the gap is in the daytime.
EN311 - Good data but no Edo depths. Much Magellan data missing.
        7/17/98 - Corrected year day.

Notes for the Primer cruises are also available.

Contributed by: Dick Payne, April 23, 1998