Additional Endeavor Data Processing Details

File: ENMET.TXT         20 March 1998
Edo depth error correction: replace bad value with previous value.

EN259 - Standard processing. 17625 data records
EN260 - Standard processing. 7641 data records.
EN261 - Standard processing except added SSTHULL. SSTHULL is only SST
        in 15 & 60 minute averages. 14168 data records.
EN262 - Standard Processing with SSTHULL. 22,489 records.
EN263 - Standard Processing with SSTHULL.
EN264 - Standard Processing with SSTHULL. 116,543 records.
EN265 - Standard processing with all variables up to now plus long-wave
        radiation. 15,742 records.
		5/12/98 - Reprocessed with later software which corrects the 
		time base. One day gap from 109.6 to 110.6.
EN266 - Standard processing with all variables up to now plus short-wave
        radiation except that the SW values should be divided by about 5.
        18,198 records.
EN267 - Very dirty. Had 3 gaps, one 11 hours with a few smatterings of
        data. Processed with interpolating form of ENMET.
        39,198 records, 783 interpolated records.
EN268 - Data gap 20:47:17 to 24:00:00 on last day. Filled it with
        linearly interpolated data. There was a problem with short wave
        formatting in raw data. Values > 999.9 read ****. Replaced
        garbage with 999.9 except for a few not near the middle of the
        day which were replaced with previous value. A number of gaps
        in Edo depth. 8465 records, 284 interpolated.
EN269 - 12 hour gap in AT, RH, BP, LW on day 194. A few SW values of ****
        near mid day. Replaced them with 999.9. A number of gaps in Edo
        depth. 4946 records, 3 interpolated.
EN275 - No short-wave or long-wave => all zeros in output files. Very
        little usable Edo depth. 8540 records, 94 interpolated.
EN276 - Data gap from 20:11:57 Jan 19 (19.84163) through 18:21:52 Jan 20
        (20.76519). Linearly interpolated through it except for SW.
        Linear interpolation of SW from 19.84163 to zero at sunset, -4.0
        until sunrise, linear interpolation to value at 20.76588. Edo
        depth had a lot of error values which were mostly correctible.
        18,110 records, 1330 interpolated.
EN278 - Air temp went below -9.9 for a few hours after the first midnight
        but the Endeavor format only had room for 4 characters so all
        those values were ****. Subsituted -9.9 for ****. The rest of
        the file was fairly clean. 18,053 records, 104 interpolated.
EN279 - Pretty clean. No special problems. 14,018 records, 5 interpolated.
EN280 - Very clean except that there is a gap from 0347-2155Z on 12 March
        (day 071) which I linearly interpolated all variables through.
        15,266 records, 1089 interpolated.
EN282 - Clean except there were about 20 overrange points in short wave
        radiation and the EDO depth was pretty noisy. 17,946 records,
        0 interpolated.
EN283 - Fairly clean and short. 17 interpolated records. Reprocessed
        with ENMET283. Generally good data. 8148 data records, 16
EN286 - Processed with ENMET286. RH very noisy. Edo depth had few values
        so I filled in with Chirp Sonar. Poor quality in combination.
        30335 data records, 690 interpolated.
EN287 - Clean except for noisy Edo depth. 26,990 data records, 22
EN288 - Pretty clean. 10,713 records, 15 interpolated.
EN290 - Quite clean and short but SW,LW,EDOZ are all 0.0 throughout the
        file. 5181 records, 0 interpolated.
EN292 - Very clean file. Almost no editing required. Only a few hours
        of Edo depth, however. 15017 records, 2 interpolated.
EN293 - Very clean. No Edo depth. 8052 records, no interpolated.
EN295 - Very clean.  Little useful Edo depth. Blocks of both GPS data
        missing, but not simultaneously. 37,455 records, 4 interpolated.
EN296 - Second GPS missing through most of file. Not significant since
        I usually use the Trimble. About 2 hours of SW & LW data missing
        on day 69 in early afternoon. Heavy clouds so SW low and LW
        steady. Interpolated values. Only a very few Edo depth values.
        18067 records, 8 interpolated.
EN297 - About 4 hours of SW and LW values missing in YD 89. Most of Edo
        depths there with short gaps and numerous bad individual values.
        16592 records, 0 interpolated.
EN298 - 2:18 gap on day 97. Linearly interpolated through it. Almost no
        Edo depth data. 17822 records, 141 interpolated.
EN302 - Lots of Magellan GPS data missing in first few days. No useful
        EDO depth data. Otherwise pretty clean.

Notes for the Primer cruises are also available.

Contributed by: Dick Payne, April 23, 1998