Navigating the U.S. GLOBEC Data System Directory

The directory page is organized into two parts. The top part lists the available data objects (or data sets) at this point in the directory. This section shows the the object name, investigator name and a brief description of the data. The bottom part displays the directory structure and allows you to go to any other part of the directory structure.

Top part - list of data objects

Each of the entries under the words 'Data', forming the leftmost column of the 3 column menu, represents a data set. If you single click on any of these entries you will see the data displayed.

The middle column, 'Investigator', names the originating Scientific Investigator who is responsible for the data set. This is the person who must be acknowledged if the data are used for your own research.

The third column, 'Description and Documentation', is a link that, if followed, will display some information about the data. Typically, a definition of each of the parameters in the data set and the units used is included.

Bottom part - directory structure

We have organized our data along the lines of the major components of our program. In the case of the Georges Bank effort, these are broad-scale, modeling, mooring, process, and satellite data. Within each component, data are stored by year. Data that spans more than one year or more than one component, can be listed in more than one place. Also, objects (data sets) can be listed at the component level name that appears above the year values.

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Last modified: February 14, 2000