Installing httpd for use as a jgofs server:

    To reconfigure:

In general, you can follow the NCSA guide for installing httpd. But
there are several changes you need to make In the srm.conf file, you
must add the line

 ScriptAlias /jg/ //users/jgofs//htmlbin/

in the appropriate spot. The //users/jgofs// is replaced by the
appropriate path to the location where you've installed the JGOFS server
software (i.e., the directory where you unpacked the source). Then you
need to kill the daemon and restart it. We expect the daemon to be using
the default port (80).

You may have permissions problems; in that case, try changing the

< User nobody
< Group #-1
> User jgofs
> Group #??  [find the group number from 
              /etc/passwd and substitute for ??]

If your site is acting as an option server for the rest of the world,
then you also need to create an alias for the /tmp directory: In
srm.conf, add at the appropriate spot

 Alias /tmp/ /tmp/

    To restart server:

cd /wherever the server is/
ps /-ax [on Suns - other options on other machines]/ | grep httpd 
kill /server which is currently running/
httpd -f conf/httpd.conf

    To test:

From Mosaic or Netscape or some other browser, open the URL


That should give you the first part of the test object.