MATLAB [c. Mathworks] access

The MATLAB interface has several functions:


This is a cmex program (like an M file, but compiled and written in C) which functions like MATLAB's load command but can accept both .mat files and JGOFS object names. The syntax is


e.g., >>loadjg('//')


This is a method which reads data from the HTML pages into MATLAB. You can save the HTML pages and then loadjg them, or use this method with the MATLAB-browser interface below.


browser subprocess

There are routines which allow MATLAB to talk to a currently running browser and either pick off the JGOFS dataset currently being displayed, the source data set (which gets all of the information at and deeper than the currently displayed level), or the set corresponding to the next selection in the browser window.

e.g., >>loadjg(jgbrowser('next'))

Here's an example:

% Compute bin-averaged chlorophyll-a profile
% read in data from JGOFS data system
% bin-average the press and chlorophyll-A
% and plot
title('Bin-averaged Chlorophyll from NABE AII');

Plot pressure vs. Bin-averaged Chlorophyll