U.S. GLOBEC Georges Bank
1997 Drifter Buoy Procedures

  1. When deploying a drifter be sure to record the time GMT, date, ID number (located on each drifter buoy) and GPS position.
  2. The drifter deployment positions for 1997 are shown below where an X is a drifter with drogue centered at 10m. A circle has a drogue centered at 40m. So the combo X and a circle is a pair of drifters with different drogue depths.

  3. To deploy the drifters
    1. Take the drifter out of the cardboard box and/or shrink wrap.


    2. REMOVE the rectangular activation MAGNET ON THE SURFACE BUOY. during the first day of the cruise. You can do this to all buoys on leaving port.

    3. ********************************************

    4. Slow the ship down to about 2 k (you want a little headway), let the bridge know what you are doing. Go to the stern quarter downwind.

    5. Prior to deploying each drifter REMOVE any plastic cable ties (or light line) from the wire rope tether.
    6. Lay out the drifter buoy, tether, drogue on deck with no tangles, lower the drogue into the water, followed by the wire rope, subsurface float, and surface float.

    7. Record the time (GMT), date, position, and drifter ID number written on the surface buoy.
    8. Please save the magnets for Dick Limeburner.
    9. If you are pressed for time you can deploy the drifters as close as possible to the positions given above (within 10 km is ok).
    10. If you have one or 2 drifters left over at the end of the cruise (for whatever reason) please deploy them either in a
      1. Biological "hot spot" (i.e. area of interest).
      2. Near 41 36.0' N 68 12.0' W (GSC) while steaming home.
      3. Inside the 60 m contour anywhere over the Bank.

Thanks a lot for the help. I really appreciate your deploying the drifters. Dick Limeburner

Prepared: February 14, 1996
Modified: January 16, 1997

Richard Limeburner
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Department of Physical Oceanography
Woods Hole, MA 02543
508/457-2181 fax