1995 GLOBEC Georges Bank Drifter Data available via anonymous ftp

The raw unedited 1995 GLOBEC Georges Bank drifter position data are available to other GLOBEC scientists using anonymous ftp. For example, type

     login              anonymous
     password   (your email address)
     cd argos/globec/drifter
     mget g*.acc

The data is in array format since we normally use matlab. The format for the files are as follows:

       1995                                    Drogue
       year day     long       lat  Temp C  Status  year
       320.7242   -65.098    37.048  23.75  180.11  1995
       320.7935   -65.033    36.996  23.70  180.10  1995
       320.7242   -65.098    37.048  23.75  180.11  1995

For the drogue submergence status word: a value of 70 to 120 is normal, greater than 120 may indicate biological fouling of the drogue, and 0 to 20 means the drogue is off.

Drifters g1 to g10 had 7.5 m drogues centered at 15 m. Drifters g11 to g36 had 7.5 m drogues centered at 10 m.

The raw GLOBEC drifter position data are not complete. New data are arriving daily and will be updated to the anonymous ftp files. Also, there are some problems with the temperature and drogue data that have not been corrected to date.

This data are available to GLOBEC scientists to assist in the analysis of other data sets. It will eventually be made available via the data system.

For information on publication or other matters contact:

R. Limeburner, WHOI, Woods Hole, MA 02543 / rlimeburner@whoi.edu

Contributed by: R. Limeburner, WHOI 20 Nov 95