[Post Cruise Obligations - Preliminary Cruise Report - Required if Entered Canadian Waters]
[Please use the following as a template and print final on your company/institution letterhead]

To: Liz Maruschak
        Research Vessel Clearance Officer
        U.S. Department of State
        Office of Oceans Affairs (OES/OA) Room 5805
        2201 C Street NW
        Washington, DC 20520

From: [Name of Chief Scientist]
              [Organization of Chief Scientist]


Re: State Department File No. _______
         [See Number listed on your clearance approval letter]
         Post Cruise Obligations Preliminary Cruise Report

Ship name:

Operating institution:

Cruise dates:

Clearance countries: Canada

Port calls: (Start date-End date, Location)

Project title: U.S. GLOBEC NW Atlantic/Georges Bank Study

Description of scientific program (short paragraph):

Data/observation type, location, custodian (attach printout if necessary):

Information address (include e-mail and/or web site addresses when available):

Information and data from this cruise is available on-line from the U.S. GLOBEC Georges Bank web site at Contact the Data Management Office ( at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Swift House MS #38, Woods Hole, MA 02343 USA for additional information.

Schedule of Delivery for all data results and reports:

The final cruise report will be available within two months after the end of the cruise. Data not requiring analysis will be available via the above web site within six months after the cruise. All other data will be available within one year after the analysis is complete.