Accessing Georges Bank SST Images

All of the daily Georges Bank SST images (blowup domain) are available via dial-up from ships at sea over Inmarsat-A.

My technician Karl Seemann ( is especially diligent in data preparation and making the daily images available in a directory on Except for Karl's daily preparation work, the delivery system IS AUTOMATED. All one does is login to over Inmarsat-A as "ship" and ftp (binary) the latest image...and voila! that's all you do. Furthermore, anyone can preview the latest images (for cloud cover etc.) via the GLOBEC website. All of this stuff is explained in my data documentation section on the GLOBEC website as well.

Our data system has been up and running continuously since the 1995 GLOBEC field year.

Dr. J. J. Bisagni, Associate Professor

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Last modified: March 31, 1998