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Table of Expected Data Submissions for U.S. GLOBEC Georges Bank
Sorted by Data Type

file: ..\doc\invensum.wb206-Aug-96
Data TypeSIContactStatus
ADCP (acoustics)FlaggFlaggBathymetry only from ADCP online
ADCP (currents)CandelaCandela
Abundance of Calanus and PseudocalanusMeise[Meise, Morse, Green, Durbin]
Abundance of invertebrate predatorsSullivan[Sullivan, Meise]
Acoustic (image)WiebeWiebeOn-line: AL9404
Advection of cod & haddock larvaeManningManning[Ref. p47]
AlongtrackManningManningOn-line for AL9508
AlongtrackWiebeWiebeOn-line for EN261,EN276
BASS (benthic acoustic stress sensor)Werner, S.(structure of bottom boundary layer)
BathymetryFlaggFlaggOn-line (from ADCP)
Bongo 61cm (process)LoughLoughLarval fish sorted: AL9306, AL9403, SJ95[03,05,07]
CTDIrishMartinBeing processed
CTDMountainMountainOn-line: AL9205,AL9306,AL9403,SJ9503,SJ9505,SJ9507
Calanus lipid studiesMiller/KornfieldMiller
Chlorophyll, nitrite+nitrateTownsend
Cod RNA/DNA (Bongo, MOCNESS1)Buckley/CaldaroneBuckley
Consumption, nano- and microplanktonGifford[Gifford, Sieracki]
Current meter (moored)BeardsleyBeardsley
Current meter (moored)IrishMartin
Current meter (moored)SmithSmithOn-line: 1993-1995
Distribution, abundance & feedingMadin[Ref. p96]
Distributions, fine scaleBerman(plankton) [Berman, Green, Holliday]
Distributions, vertical Sieracki(of phytoplankton, nanoplankton, & microzooplankton) [Ref. p75]
Drifter tracks (images)LimeburnerLimeburnerOn-line: 1995-present
Drifter tracks (images)ManningManningOn-line: SJ9507 (water displacement and horizontal dispersion)
Drifter tracks (numerical data)CampbellGarrahan
Drifter tracks (numerical data)LimeburnerLimeburnerWorking on method (Lagrangian measurements)
EPSONDEBurgett(microstructure measurements) [Burgett, Oakey, Hebert]
Egg productionRungeRungeContacted May 1996
Enzyme activities of larval fish & copepodsClarke
Event logAll chief scientistsvariousOn-line: ascii versions only; working on method
Growth ratesCaldarone[Caldarone, Lindner, Buckley; Ref. p89]
Growth ratesWagner, M.[Ref. p88]
Hydrography (broad-scale)MountainTaylorOn-line 1995-present
Hydroid distributionSullivan[Ref. p33]
Larval diapauseBlades-Eckelbarger[Blades-Eckelbarger, Marcus, Ref. p98]
Larval fish feeding (process)LoughLoughLarval cod/haddock guts processed for: AL9306; still processing AL9403, SJ95[03,05,07]
Larval fish populations (Bongo nets)Morse/BerrienMorse
Lipids in Calanus finmarchicusMiller[Miller, Morgan]
MOCNESS-1 (larval fish feeding)Green[Green, Chute, Jones]
MOCNESS-1 (process)LoughLoughLarval fish sorted: AL9306; still processing AL9403, SJ95[03,05,07]
MOCNESS-1 (process)SullivanSullivan
MOCNESS-1/4 (process)LoughLoughPray field for larval fish sorted: AL9306; still processing AL9403, SJ95[03,05,07]
MOCNESS-10 (broad-scale)DurbinGarrahanThree stations on-line: June 7, 1996
MOCNESS-10 (process)Madin/BollensMari ButlerWorking on method (3D zooplankton distribution & abundance)
Meteorology (moored)BeardsleyBeardsley
Meteorology (underway)PaynePayneOn-line: EN259-EN268; need $ to do rest
ModelsBrown(climatological box modeling) [Brown, Bub]
ModelsFlierlFlierlOn-line: meandering Gulf Stream
ModelsFlierlFlierlOn-line: patch formation in turbulent flows
ModelsFlierl(life cycle model) [Flierl, Davis; Ref. p114]
ModelsFranks,Chen(coupled physical-biological model)
ModelsLeising(growth model with temp, prey size, & turbulence) [Ref. p112]
ModelsLoder[Loder, Greenberg, Hannah]
ModelsLough(turbulence and feeding success) [Ref. p92]
ModelsLough(retentive circulation features of eggs and larvae) [Ref. p50]
ModelsLynch, et. al.GarrisonContacted April 2, 1996 (zooplankton population dynamics)
ModelsNaimie(turbulence patterns) {Ref. p73]
ModelsPage(seasonal variation in cod and haddock egg distribution) [Ref. p48]
ModelsWerner, F. et. al.(trophodynamic effects on growth and survival) [Ref. p43]
Molecular markers of cell proliferationMoore[Ref. p94]
Molting & growth rates of copepoditesCampbell[Ref. p86]
O18 isotopeHoughtonHoughtonBeing processed [Houghton, Fairbanks]
PAR (photosynthetically active radiation)Irish
PAR, UV channelsVan Keuren
Prey of larval fish (MOCNESS1)GreenGreen
Recruitment rates, CalanusRunge[Runge, Plourde, Durbin]
SCUBA observationsMadinMadin
Satellite imagesManningManningOn-line: processed sst images for March-June 1995 cruises
Sea surface temperatures (AVHRR)BisagniBisagniOn-line1993-present (final and unnavigated images)
VMCMWerner, S.(structure of bottom boundary layer)
Video Plankton Recorder (counts)DavisDavis
Video Plankton Recorder (images)DavisDavis
Video Plankton Recorder (size, abundance)Gallager[Gallager, Von Herbing, L. Davis, Alatalo; Ref. p91]
Volume backscattering WiebeWiebeOn-line: AL9205 (zooplankton distribution)
Wind stress (images)ManningManningOn-line: selected 1994, 1995 cruises
Wind stress (numerical data)ManningManningOn-line: NOAA buoys 44008 and 44011
Zooplankton RNA/DNABuckleyBuckley[Bucklin, Caudill, Smolenack]
Zooplankton population geneticsBucklinBucklin[Bucklin, Caudill, Smolenack]