Becoming a Data Server

To serve data in the JGOFS software distributed database system requires setting up a multi-processing computer system, connected to the network, with the required software.

You can set this software up yourself using a procedure accessed via your Web browser. For the most recent U.S. GLOBEC version, which is compatible with the original version1, you can ftp the tar file from For information about this latest US GLOBEC release of the JGOFS software click here.

Documentation about the JGOFS system is available on-line and is called the JGOFS Data System Overview.

For more information and help installing the software contact the Data Management Administrator.

For detailed information about how data are added to the US GLOBEC data management system click here.

1 For the MIT V1.5 version of the the JGOFS software, open the URL and follow the directions in the form.

Last modified: August 29, 2005