U.S. GLOBEC Georges Bank
Phase 1 Projects

For a table showing the actual ship schedule for Phase I, click here.

  1. Robert C Beardsley, Albert J Williams, Julio Candela, Scott M Gallager, James H Churchill
  2. Pamela Blades-Eckelbarger
  3. Ann C Bucklin and Wendell S Brown
  4. Edward G Durbin and Ann G Durbin
  5. Scott M Gallager
  6. Glen G Gawarkiewicz and Cabell S Davis
  7. Dian J Gifford
  8. Lewis S Incze
  9. Nancy H Marcus
  10. Charles B Miller
  11. Richard E Pieper
  12. Michael E Sieracki
  13. John J Stegeman
  14. Peter H Wiebe
  15. Peter H Wiebe

Last modified: February 3, 1999