Poster Presentations
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

  1. Dynamics of Calanus finmarchicus Resting Populations in the Gulf of Maine , Saumweber, W.
  2. 2-D Wavelet Transform of Greene Bomber 120 kHz Acoustic Backscatter Data for Multiscale Characterization (LA-UR-03-8746), Fisher, K.E. , P.H. Wiebe
  3. High-Resolution Monthly Mean Sea Surface Temperature Fields for the Western North Atlantic Ocean Produced Using the NASA/NOAA Pathfinder Algorithm, Brunner, A-M, J.M. Mesias, and J.J. Bisagni
  4. U.S. GLOBEC Long-Term Moored Array Data, J. Irish, M. Caruso, R. Limeburner, R. Beardsley, K. Brink [on two boards]
  5. Zooplankton Production on Georges Bank, Campbell, R.G., E.G. Durbin, J.A. Runge
  6. Low Frequency Variability on Georges Bank, Limeburner, R., K. Brink and R. Beardsley