Report of the

U.S. GLOBEC Georges Bank

Science Meeting

18 - 20 November 2003, Rhode Island


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Appendix I: Agenda

Appendix II: List of Participants

Appendix III: List of Planned Publications

Planned Publications and Manuscripts


Integration and Synthesis of Georges Bank Broad-Scale Survey Results (Wiebe)

Tentative titles of publications are:

1.Bailey, M.A., B.R. Curran, J.A. Dijkstra, E.M. Rodrigues, C.A. Manning, J.G. Beaudet, and A. Bucklin (2003) Species-specific PCR discrimination of cryptic copepod species on Georges Bank (NW Atlantic).

2. Bucklin, D.J. McGillicuddy, and C.A.Manning (2003) Biological-physical processes determining Pseudocalanus spp. (Crustacea; Copepoda) distribution and abundance on Georges Bank in the Northwest Atlantic.

3. Bucklin, A., D.J. McGillicuddy, M.A. Bailey and B.J. Curran (2003) SS-PCR discrimination of morphologically cryptic, ecologically distinct species: seasonal evolution of Pseudocalanus spp. on Georges Bank.

4. Campbell, R.G. and E.G. Durbin. In prep. Growth and development rates of the copepod Calanus finmarchicus on Georges Bank.

5. Campbell, R.G. and E.G. Durbin. Patterns in production of important zooplankton species on Georges Bank during U.S. GLOBEC, 1995-1999.

6. Campbell, R.G. and E.G. Durbin. Comparison of secondary production rates estimated from satellite derived variables and in situ measurements.

7. Durbin, E., M. Casas. Spatial variations in abundance of zooplankton on Georges Bank.

8. Fisher, K.E. and P.H. Wiebe. 2D wavelet transform of Greene Bomber 120 kHz backscatter data for multi-scale characterization.

9. Incze L., G. Lough , E. Durbin , E. Broughton , M. Casas and N. Wolff. Evaluation of MOCNESS and Pump Sampling Techniques for Quantifying Zooplankton Prey Fields for Larval Fish: NW Atlantic GLOBEC Program.

10. Manning, C.A. and A. Bucklin (2003) Multivariate analysis of temporal and spatial patterns of planktonic copepod abundances in the western Gulf of Maine.

11. Niehoff, B. and J. A. Runge. In manuscript. A revised methodology for prediction of egg production of the marine planktonic copepod, Calanus finmarchicus from preserved samples.

12. Runge, J.A., S. Plourde, P. Joly. E. Durbin, B. Niehoff. In manuscript. Characteristics of Egg Production of Calanus finmarchicus during U.S. GLOBEC Georges Bank Broadscale and Process Cruises, 1995-1999.

13. Wiebe, P, H., M.C. Benfield, C.H. Greene, A.C. Lavery, M.F. Baumgartner, N. Copley, D. Mountain and G.L. Lawson. 2003. Spatial and temporal variation in the hydrography and plankton distributions in the Gulf of Maine during autumns of 1997, 1988, and 1999.

Predation group literature contributions (Madin, Sullivan, Bollens, Horgan)

Manuscripts in revision:

14. Stoltz et al. The Population Biology and Natural History of the Ctenophore Pleurobrachia pileus on Georges Bank

Manuscripts submitted:

15. Adamík P., Laurence P. Madin, Scott M. Gallager, Erich Horgan, Annette Govindarajan. The effect of turbulence on the feeding rate of a pelagic predator: hydroid Clytia gracilis

16. Brown, H., S. M. Bollens, L. P. Madin, and E. F. Horgan. Submitted. Effects of Warm Water Intrusions on Populations of Macrozooplankton on Georges Bank, Northwest Atlantic. Continental Shelf Research.

Poster presentation, manuscript in prep:

17. Stephen M. Bollens , Darren S. Gewant , Harmon Brown , Laurence P. Madin , and Erich F. Horgan. Variation in the Community Structure of Macrozooplankton and Micronekton on Georges Bank, in Relation to Environmental Conditions, 1995-1999. AGU 04.

Manuscripts in preparation:

18. Sullivan et al. Clytia hydroid predation on Gadus larvae on Georges Bank.

19. Sullivan et al. Omnivorous copepod predation in mixed prey assemblages.

20. Madin et al. Feeding rates and prey selection of in vertebrate predators on Georges Bank.

21. Levenbach, S et al. Crangon septemspinosa Diet Composition in Thermally Mixed and Stratified Regions on Georges Bank.

22. Ohman et al. Comparison of Calanus mortality rates from life table analysis and predation impact.

Manuscripts planned:

23. Madin et al. Distribution and Abundance of Invertebrate Predators on Georges Bank (for Georges Bank Atlas).

24. Madin et al. Broadscale predation mortality of target species due to invertebrate predators.

Zooplankton Population Dynamics on Georges Bank: Model and Data Synthesis (Franks)

Tentative titles of publications are:

25. Diapause population patterns 2001-2002 (Saumweber)

26. Respiration model development (Saumweber)

27. Respiration model applied to patterns in #1 (Saumweber)

28. Tying respiration model to physical model (Saumweber, Johnson)

29. Sub-region residence times and biological implications (Gentleman, Franks, Poulin)

30. Analysis of MARMAP data (Gentleman and Meise)

31. GLOBEC Calanus (or copepod) climatology (Gentleman, Durbin, Casas, Runge, Zhou)

32. Copepod population model development and application (Gentleman, Zhou, Pringle)

33. Data compilation of Calanus vertical distribution and hydrography (Johnson, others)

34. Transport processes in the Gulf of Maine – flux of Calanus with and without behavior (Johnson, Pringle, Chen, Runge, Durbin)

35. Climatology of copepods on Georges Bank and in the Gulf of Maine (Durbin, Casas)

36. Data report: Spatial and temporal distribution patterns and anomalies (Durbin, Casas)

37. Residence times and wind events, real and idealized 1995 (Poulin, Franks, Pringle)

38. Bifurcating boundary currents (Poulin, Franks, Pringle)

39. Mass-structured ecosystem models (Poulin, Franks, Young)

40. Non-modal instability in NPZ models (Poulin, Franks)

41. Multiple-prey feeding responses (Gentleman, Goulding)

42. Vital rates in relation to chlorophyll (Runge, others)

43. The Sea chapter: Review of physical-biological models for fish management (Runge, others)

44. Broadscale egg production rates (Runge, others)

45. Effect of open boundary: Calculating mass-driven transport on shelf (Pringle)

46. Physical mechanisms of interannual variability of flow to/from deep basins (Pringle, Johnson, Gentleman)

47. Instabilities of Northern Flank front (Pringle, Brink)

48. Transport processes to Georges Bank (Gentleman, Pringle, Johnson)

49. Comparison of NPZ, NNSPPZZD models (Franks, Ji, Chen, others?)

50. Spring bloom variability (Pringle, Poulin, Franks, Chen, others)

The Physical Oceanography of Georges Bank and Its Impact on Biology: (Beardsley)

Tentative titles of publications are:

51. LT moored array analysis, description of 1999 Eastern Flank variability (Brink, Limeburner, Flagg, Beardsley)

52. Analysis of 1999 TMF ADCP array (Lerczak, Schlitz)

53. Analysis of 1999 tracer release and drifter data (Churchill, Ledwell)

54. Comparison of FVCOM, ECOMsi, FE models test problems (Chen, Beardsley)

55. PO chronology at southern flank site (and NEP sites) (all….)

56. Evaluate FVCOM 1995 and 1999 stratification season simulations (Chen, Beardsley, Limeburner, ....)

57. Evaluate FVCOM 1999 TMF simulations (Chen, Beardsley,….)

58. Northern flank jet instability study with FVCOM (Brink, Chen)

Tidal Front Mixing and Exchange Group (Houghton)

Tentative titles of publications are:

59. Modeling studies of the physical-biological processes controlling spring bloom dynamics on Georges Bank: 1-D and 2-D experiments Authors: Ji, R., C. Chen, D. Townsend, P. Franks, R. Beardsley, G. Lough, E. Durbin, R. Houghton

60. The impact of Scotian Shelf Water "cross-over" on the phytoplankton dynamics on Georges Bank: A 3-D model experiment for the 1999 spring bloom Authors: Ji, R., C. Chen, P. Franks, D. Townsend, R. Beardsley, G. Lough, E. Durbin, R. Houghton

61. Simulation of dye tracer dispersion on Georges Bank. Authors: R. Houghton C. Chen

62. Spatial and temporal structure of nutrient flux onto Georges Bank. Authors: R. Houghton, D. Townsend, C. Chen

63. Spatial and temporal structure of modeled phytoplankton production driven by Nitrate flux on Georges Bank. Authors; D. Townsend, R. Ji, C. Chen, R. Houghton, L. Inzce, G. Lough

Energy Flow and Utilization Group (Gifford)

Tentative tiles of publications are not yet available.