Report of the

U.S. GLOBEC Georges Bank

Science Meeting

18 - 20 November 2003, Rhode Island


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Presentation Abstracts

These results are, in some cases, preliminary and in all cases not to be cited without contacting the authors.

  1. Application of FVCOM to the Gulf of Maine/Georges Bank: Simulated and Assimilated Modeling Studies of the Seasonal Variability of Stratification and Subtidal Circulation, Chen, C, H. Liu, R. C. Beardsley, G. Cowles, J. Pringle, and B. Rothschild
  2. Production of Fish and Benthos on Georges Bank, Collie, J., A. DeLong, and R. Bell
  3. Broad-scale Mapping of Pseudocalanus spp. Distributions, Bucklin, A., M.A. Bailey, and D. McGillicuddy
  4. Wavelet Transforms of Greene Bomber data for Multiscale Characterization (LA-UR-03-8711), Fisher, K.E. and P.H. Wiebe
  5. GBSynZ: Zooplankton Population Dynamics on Georges Bank: Model and Data Synthesis, Franks, P., C. Chen, E. Durbin, W. Gentleman, J. Pringle, J. Runge
  6. The Impact of Scotian Shelf Water "cross-over" on the Plankton Dynamics on Georges Bank: A 3-D Experiment for the 1999 Spring Bloom, Chen, C., R. Ji., P. J. S. Franks, D.W. Townsend, E.G. Durbin, R. C. Beardsley, and R.W. Houghton
  7. Intermingling of Two Pseudocalanus Species on Georges Bank, D. J. McGillicuddy, Jr. and A. Bucklin
  8. Invertebrate Predator Impacts , Madin, L., J. Bollens, E. Horgan, et al.
  9. Modeling Studies of the Physical-Biological Processes Controlling Spring Bloom Dynamics on Georges Bank: 1-D and 2-D Experiments, Ji, R., C. Chen, P. J. S. Franks, D. W. Townsend, E.G. Durbin, R. C. Beardsley, and R. W. Houghton
  10. Parallelization of the FVCOM Code: Application to the Gulf of Maine/Georges Bank, Cowles, G., C. Chen, H. Liu, B. Rothschild
  11. Patterns of Energy Flow and Utilization on Georges Bank: Progress Report, Gifford,D., J. Steele, M. Fogarty, J. Bisagni, J. Collie, D. Mountain, W. Stockhausen
  12. Physical and Biological Controls on Calanus finmarchicus in the Georges Bank Region: an Adjoint Data Assimilation Approach, Li, X. and D. McGillicuddy
  13. Preliminary Results of Model Dye Experiments on Georges Bank, Chen, C., R. Houghton, R. C. Beardsley, Q. Xu1, and H. Liu
  14. Seasonal Nitrate Climatology for Georges Bank, Bisagni, J.J.
  15. Sub-Tidal Circulation at the Tidal Mixing Front: Analysis of the Moored Instrument Array, Lerczak, J., R. Schlitz, S. Lentz, and R. Beardsley
  16. Transport and Retention of Dormant Calanus finmarchicus in the Gulf of Maine: Insights from a Particle-tracking Model, Johnson, C.L., J.M. Pringle, and C.S. Chen
  17. Spatial and Interannual Variability of Zooplankton on Georges Bank, Durbin, E. and M. Casas
  18. Using MM5 to Hindcast the Ocean Surface Forcing Fields Over the Gulf of Maine and Georges Bank Region, Beardsley R. C and C. Chen
  19. U.S. GLOBEC SeaSoar Results, Brink, K. and C. Lee
  20. Dye Dispersion in the Tidal Front: Model-Observation Comparison, Houghton, R., C. Chen, and Q. Xu
  21. Inter-annual Variation of Lagrangian Pathways in the Gulf of Maine: Importance and Causes, Pringle, J., C. Johnson, C. Chen and Hedong Liu
  22. Wind-driven Mortality of Cod and Haddock Eggs , Mountain, D., J. Green, J. Sibunka, and D.L. Johnson
  23. Inverse Modeling of the Food Web, Steele, J.H. and A.R. Beet
  24. Development of Multispecies Models of Fish Community Dynamics on Georges Bank, Stockhausen, W. and M. Fogarty
  25. Variation in the size of the overwintering population of Calanus finmarchicus in the Gulf of Maine during 1997, 1998, and 1999: Driven by changes in NAO forced advection or local predator and competitor fields?, Wiebe, P. H., M.F. Baumgartner, D. Mountain, M.C. Benfield, C.H. Greene, A.C. Lavery, N. Copley, and G.L. Lawson
  26. Biological Signature of Scotian Shelf Water Crossovers: Results from 1997 and Some Questions for Longer Term Synthesis, Wishner, K. and D. Gifford
  27. Multiple Flow Pathways of the Scotian Shelf Water onto Georges Bank, V. Sheremet, Y.K. Cho, R. Beardsley
  28. Nested Modeling Studies in the Northwest Atlantic, Haidvogel, D.B., J. Wilkin, K. Fennel, H. Arango, P. Goodman
  29. Thoughts on Long Term Fluctuations on Georges Bank, Flagg, C.
  30. Dynamics of Calanus finmarchicus Resting Populations in the Gulf of Maine , Saumweber,W.