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GLOBEC Georges Bank - Precruise Data Catalog

Project: NMFS Moorings - Process Stratification Study
PI[s]: Jim Manning
NMFS, Woods Hole, Ma.
Data: Velocity, Temperature, Salinity
Vector velocity (VACM) at 2 heights 15m and 45m
sensors at 1, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, and 45m combination of VACM, seacats, and Branker t-probes , hourly averages
sensors at 1, 10,20,30, and 40m, Seabird Seacats 2 Hz.
Area: southern flank sites A & B
Period: May 4 - June 3 1994 (site A only), mid-Feb - Aug, 1995
Frequency: 30 minute hourly averages
ascii file per cruise with header lines
Archive Contact:
Jim Manning
166 Water St.
Woods Hole, Ma. 02543
508-548-5123 x211

Which classes of data do you expect to have, how much time is required before they become available, and what restrictions would you like to place on use (view only, view & use with consent/collaboration, by arrangement,...).

Operational/ Browse (reduced versions):none

Operational/ Full: none

Processed/ Browse (reduced version): colored postscript stick plots available six months post cruise no restrictions

Processed/ Full: online five months after cruise no restrictions

What computer system do you normally use to prepare the data sets? Sun UNIX at the lab

What database system (if any) do you normally use to prepare the data sets? MATLAB

What UNIX access do you have (machine name if known)?

Data will be on or on disk mounted on (machine):

Data transferred to (machine) by preference:

Data transferred to (machine):