Hampton Shuttle Schedule

The Hampton Shuttle provides scheduled transportation service between Logan Airport and the New England Conference Center, University of New Hampshire, in Durham.

The schedule as of the date below is as follows:

Southbound - New England Center, Durham > Logan Airport (to connect with Dover/Portsmouth schedule)
SCHEDULE 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
Durham - leave 3:34A 4:45A 5:45A 7:15A 8:45A 10:45A 12:15P 1:45P 3:45P 5:15P 6:45P
Arrive - Logan 5:30A 6:30A 7:30A 9:00A 10:30A 12:30P 2:00P 3:00P 5:30P 6:30P 8:30P

Northbound - Logan Airport > Durham times:

For Logan departure times refer to schedule.

For Durham arrival times please use Dover arrival schedule

Last modified: July 29, 1998