The following notes are geared toward the mk5 set up aboard the
ALBATROSS IV. Changes to these instruction may be necessary for cruises aboard the ENDEAVOR. If necessary, an addendum will be
provided after February 1995.


The MK5 CTD records conductivity, temperature, depth and fluorescence at a sampling rate of 16 observations per second.
It is equipped with a 12 bottle rossette water sampler. The following text will provide:

1) a physical description of the MK5
2) description of how the MK5 is configured 3) making up a "Y" cable (if necessary)
4) Setting up the niskins on the rossette
5) Powering up the MK5
6) Performing the MK5 cast
7) Post processing instructions
8) Plotting routines available
9) Care and maintenance of the mk5 at sea

Illustrations of the MK5 and its sensors are shown below.


2. The connections:

IBM PC in electronics lab (RS232)
2. 1401 deck unit (RS232 should be
plugged into "data")
3. power supply
4. Rossette go-fire box
red --> center conductor
black --> shield (ground)
5. winch slip ring assembly
6. Sea cable (for terminations,
center conductor is all wires
wrapped together, ground is the
cable shield)
7. terminal end fitting (center conductor
comes out the side so that no strain is
on the "Y" cable-center conductor conn-
ection. Bolt at end of fitting attaches
to top of CTD bridle).
8. 3 pin male at btm of rossette to 3 pin
female of "Y" cable.
9. 2 pin male on ctd to 2 pin female of
"Y" cable.
10. 2 pin female from sea cable termin-
ation to 2 pin male of "Y" cable.
11. Rossette niskin in deployment


Before running MK5PROC the first time on a cruise, a file MK5CRU.TXT should be edited to include the proper information. An example of this file is listed below, with an explanation of each line:

AL03 : the cruise ID on the '.edt' files
d:\for\bin\ : the directory with the '.edt' files
C00 : the extension for the calibration files
1 : the starting pressure
30 : the initial value of conductivity to use
1 : the pressure interval for averaging
1 : the starting record # in the '.edt' file
Y : indicating to use fast temperature

Running MK5PROC, you are asked to enter the first and last station numbers for processing - e.g., 1,30. Then you are asked to choose processing only down casts, up casts or both types of casts. If one cast in the requested series is missing, the program will note it, but will not bomb. The resulting pressure averaged files have the extension '.pre' and are located in the same directory with the '.edt' files.

Extracting Bottle Data - MK5BOT.EXE


Plotting '.pre' files -

Any time after the first cast, you may run a windows-based program called CTDPLOT in the "BROADSCALE" icon. This program will look for the .hdr file (updated each time you run endcast.bat) and the .pre files which are found in c:\mk5\data. This program will give you station positions, station header information, vertical profiles of temperature, salinity, density (sigma - t) and fluorescence, and a listing of the above data. If you are familiar with the windows environment, the menus will be easy to follow.

The program TEMPCK will create 10 contour files of the cast data: