Nominations Requested for U.S. GLOBEC Scientific Steering Committee

The Scientific Steering Committee (SSC) of U.S. GLOBEC is seeking nominations for new members. The program is especially interested in adding members that have expertise in 1) physical oceanography, esp. of the North Pacific, 2) fish larval ecology, and 3) climatology/climate dynamics, but nominees may be from any discipline within oceanography or fisheries science that is pertinent to the goals of the U.S. GLOBEC program. Following U.S. GLOBEC procedures, the Executive Committee of the SSC will select candidates from those nominated. Election to the Scientific Steering Committee is by vote of the full SSC.


We are requesting that oceanographers and fisheries scientists nominate qualified individuals for vacancies on the Scientific Steering Committee. We are seeking experienced scientists with strong records of research achievement. Potential nominees should be acquainted with interdisciplinary activities in which the joint interplay of physical and biological processes are pursued. The Executive Committee will ask nominees to submit a brief statement (a paragraph or two) on their interest in, and qualifications for, scientific leadership of the U.S. GLOBEC program. Moreover, the nominees will be asked to submit a short C.V. (similar to that now required by N.S.F. in grant proposals) that lists, among other items, recent publications that are pertinent to U.S. GLOBEC activities.

Individuals may nominate themselves or other scientists. However, election/selection etiquette demands that those nominating others alert their potential candidates, and determine, in advance, that these candidates are willing to stand for (s)election to the SSC. Furthermore, the nominators should ascertain that their nominees are informed about the U.S. GLOBEC program, and that they (the nominees) are willing to submit the requisite statement and C.V. (see above) when asked.

The deadline for receipt of nominations and supporting documentation is 1 December 1997. All materials should be sent to:

        Prof. Thomas M. Powell
        Chair, Scientific Steering Committee, U.S. GLOBEC
        Department of Integrative Biology
        University of California
        Berkeley, CA 94720-3140
Materials communicated via electronic mail ( or FAX (510-643-1142) will be accepted.

Those nominated will be informed on or before 15 January 1998 about this years selections.

The Scientific Steering Committee (SSC) is presently chaired by Prof. Thomas M. Powell; the Coordinating Office of the SSC is located in the Department of Integrative Biology, University of California, Berkeley, CA 94720-3140 [phone: 510-642-7455; FAX: 510-643-1142; e-mail:]. All inquiries about U.S. GLOBEC publications should be directed to the SSC Coordinating Office. Those wishing to be placed on the U.S. GLOBEC mailing list should contact Ms. Kay Goldberg at the SSC Coordinating Office (