Report of the

U.S. GLOBEC Georges Bank

Target Species Meeting

19 - 21 January 2005, New Hampshire


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Poster Presentations

Oral Presentations

Appendix I: Agenda

Appendix II: List of Participants

Appendix III: List of Planned Publications

List of Attendees

Name AffiliationDay Present
Dicky Allison WHOI W,Th,F
Carin AshjianWHOIF
Kaitlin Bonner UNH Th
Larry Buckley URI Th
Ann Bucklin UNH W,Th,F
Bob CampbellWHOIF
Nancy Copley WHOI Th,F
Ted DurbinURITh,F
Dian Gifford URI W,Th,F
Catherine Johnson UNH W,Th,F
Chris ManningUNHF
Jamie PringleUNH W,Th,F
Jeff Runge UNH W,Th,F
Beth Turner NOAA Th,F
Ebru Unal UNH Th,F
Anupama Vasudevan UNH Th
Peter Wiebe WHOI W,Th,F

BSI/USM = Bioscience Research Institute/University of Southern Maine
GSO/URI = Graduate School of Oceanography/University of Rhode Island
LANL = Los Alamos National Laboratory
LDEO = Lamont-Dougherty Earth Observatory
NMFS = National Marine Fisheries Service
NOAA = National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association
SIO = Scripps Institute of Oceanography
SMAST/UMassD = School of Applied Science and Technology/University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth
SUNYSB = State University of New York at Stonybrook
UNH = University of New Hampshire
WHOI = Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution