Report of the

U.S. GLOBEC Georges Bank

Target Species Meeting

19 - 21 January 2005, New Hampshire


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Appendix III: List of Planned Publications

Oral Presentations

It is to be noted that these results in some cases are preliminary and in any case are not to be cited without contacting the authors.

Internet Explorer corrupts some of these presentations on some platforms. Please use Netscape as your browser if the images are sub-optimal. The DMO is looking into fixing this.

  1. The diet of Calanus finmarchicus on Georges Bank, Dian J. Gifford, Michael E. Sieracki and Jeffrey R. Merrell (jpegs)
  2. Interannual variability of copepods on Georges Bank, E. Durbin and M. Casas (html)
  3. The factors affecting growth of cod and haddock larvae on Georges Bank, L.J. Buckley, R.G. Lough, E.M. Caldarone and E.G. Durbin (html)
  4. Transport and retention of dormant copepods in the deep Gulf of Maine, C.L. Johnson, J.M. Pringle, and C.S. Chen (html)
  5. The effect of spatial and temporal variation in zooplankton concentrations on larval cod growth on Georges Bank: a comparison of two years based on modelling and observations, Jeffrey A. Runge, Francisco E. Werner, Edward Durbin, John A. Quinlan, R. Gregory Lough, Lawrence J. Buckley, Karen Pehrson Edwards, Stephanie Plourde, Mark D. Ohman, Lew Incze, E. Calderone, D. Mountain, J. Manning, B. Niehoff (html)
  6. Characteristics of Egg Production of Calanus finmarchicus and Pseudocalanus spp. on Georges Bank: 1994-1999. J.A. Runge, S. Plourde, P. Joly, B. Niehoff, E. Durbin. (html)
  7. Maintenance of Pseudocalanus spp. on Georges Bank: differential use of Bank regions by P. moultoni and P. newmani. A. Bucklin (html)

  8. Sources of circulation variability in the Gulf of Maine. J. Pringle (html)

  9. Population dynamics of Pseudocalanus spp. in coastal waters of the western Gulf of Maine. C. Manning and A. Bucklin [includes two posters].