U.S. GLOBEC: Spatial and temporal variability in the occurrence, distribution and structure of sea surface temperature fronts in the Georges Bank region

J. J. Bisagni, NOAA/NMFS and P. Cornillon, URI/GSO

This project is designed to provide a retrospective analysis of over a decade (13 years) of satellite-derived sea surface temperature frontal locations for comparison with various types of frontal information collected by Sea-Soar (Brink), drifter (Beardsley & Limeburner), VPR (Davis), acoustic (Wiebe & Greene), optical (Wishner) and satellite data (Bisagni) from the 1997 field year. In addition, this project will provide real-time satellite imagery both prior to and during 1997 cruises which will enable these same investigators to accurately locate and sample various hydrographic features which are central to their research.