U.S. GLOBEC Georges Bank
Phase II Principal Investigators' Meeting
July 2, 1996
NMFS Aquarium Conference Room
Woods Hole, MA


A one-day workshop of Phase II U.S. GLOBEC Georges Bank Principal Investigators (PI's) was held on 2 July 1996 in Woods Hole, MA. The purpose of the meeting was The principal investigators described their research objectives and logistical requirements. In the process of this program review, twelve items which were thought to be important to the success of the program were identified as missing and prioritized. Remedies and funding requirements to fix the problems were developed. A modified shiptime request was also developed based on the needs of the funded Phase II PI's.

This document summarizes the meeting deliberations and recommendations, provides the work statements for the work that will be ongoing during Phase II of this project, and shows a summary of the current plan of research cruises for 1997.