U.S.GLOBEC: Retrospective Analysis of Data Previously Collected from a Moored Array along the Southern Side of Georges Bank

Ronald Schlitz and James Manning

We will do a retrospective analysis of the the data collected during the second setting of the array from the Warm-Core Ring Experiment (WCRII). There are 11 records from Vector Averaging Current Meters (VACMs) including temperature, each 44 days in duration; the current meter on mooring 4 was lost during recovery. The cassettes were previously scanned with good data indicated, but they have never been read. The records will be read and verified at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution using standard methods. This will result in time series of currents and temperature at 7.5 min. intervals. These will be the basis for analysis of the physical processes. Also forty-four CTD stations were completed during the cruise to set the moorings and 29 during the recovery cruise. Additionally sea-surface temperature and salinity values are available hourly during the cruises.

Initial analysis will proceed using standard time series methods and other approaches will be included as necessary.