U.S. GLOBEC Georges Bank
2004 Science Meeting

Rodgers Recreation Center
Second Floor Conference Room (#28)

Salve Regina University
Newport, Rhode Island
June 21 - 25, 2004


The goal of this meeting was to foster integration and synthesis of the results that the individual Phase IV GLOBEC George Bank project investigators are producing. This workshop provided time for the groups to meet individually and collectively. There were morning and afternoon/evening presentations on topics important to the synthesis effort. In addition, investigators brought posters that helped illustrate their individual and collective findings resulting from the synthesis effort. These were works in progress as well as more finished products. A different sub-set of posters were the focus of a poster session each afternoon. Towards the end of the meeting, discussions focused on future plans and efforts to see the synthesis phase to a successful conclusion.

Day 1: Monday, June 21, 2004 - Start time: 11:00am
1100 Registration in the Rodgers Recreation Center Lobby
Setup your computer in the meeting room (Second Floor)
1200 Lunch - cafeteria
1300 Continued set up of computers/printers/network connections.
1330 Welcome and discussion of the objectives of the workshop.

Project leaders provide overview of their group's objectives for the meeting, publication plans, etc.

  • The Physical Oceanography of Georges Bank and Its Impact on Biology
    Bob Beardsley
  • Patterns of Energy Flow and Utilization on Georges Bank
    Mike Fogarty for Dian Gifford
  • Tidal Front Mixing and Exchange on Georges Bank: Controls on the Production of Phytoplankton, Zooplankton and Larval Fish
    Bob Houghton and David Townsend
  • Zooplankton Population Dynamics on Georges Bank: Model and Data Synthesis
    Peter Franks
  • Integration and Synthesis of Georges Bank Broad-Scale Survey Results
    Peter Wiebe
Review of GB Phase IVb AO: PowerPoint
1510 Coffee break
1530 Short presentations (3-5 minutes) on all posters to be displayed during the meeting. (One or two PowerPoint-type slides permitted providing they are submitted to R. Groman before the start of the meeting - if more presentations are needed than there is time, they will take place on Tuesday morning.)
1630 Projects meet for organizational get together
1730 Reception and Poster session 1 ( Sky Ranch Grill, Miley Hall (#32)).
1830 Dinner - cafeteria

Day 2: Tuesday, June 22, 2004 - Start time: 8:30am
0730 Breakfast, cafeteria
0830 Morning Lecture: GLOBEC Synthesis from a Program Manager's Perspective (Beth Turner).
0930 Additional short poster presentations (if necessary).
1010 Coffee break
1030 Project meetings and working groups.
1230 Lunch
1330 Project meetings and working groups or free time.
1510 Coffee break
1540 Presentation: North Atlantic Oscillation (Charlie Flagg)
1630 Presentation: NAO II: The Georges Bank Ecosystem: Predicting the Crash of 1999? (Chuck Greene)
1700 Poster session 2 and refreshments ( Sky Ranch Grill, Miley Hall (#32)).
1830 Dinner - Ochre Court State Dining Room
1930 Evening Lecture: The Status of New England Fisheries Resources and Related Issues (includes the movie -- not really a movie in html) (Steve Murawski).

Day 3: Wednesday, June 23, 2004 - Start time: 8:30am
0730 Breakfast, cafeteria
0830 Project presentations - overview of synthesis progress.
1000 Coffee break
1130 Presentation: CoML, GoMOOS, IOOS, RARGOM: Next Steps Toward Data Integration and Science for the Gulf of Maine Area (Lew Incze).
1230 Lunch - cafeteria
1400 Project meetings and working groups or free time.
1500 Coffee break
1600 Presentation:
1) Interannual Variability of the Circulation in the Georges Bank/Gulf of Maine Region.
2) The Interannual Variability of the Subtidal Circulation and Stratification in the Gulf of Maine/Georges Bank Region. (Chen)
1630 Presentation: Synthesis in US GLOBEC. (Fogarty)
1700 Poster session 3 and refreshments ( Sky Ranch Grill, Miley Hall (#32)).
1830 Dinner - cafeteria

Day 4: Thursday, June 24, 2004 - Start time: 8:30am
0730 Breakfast, cafeteria
0830 Plenary Session on Synthesis - What is next for the presently funded groups?

Morning session: The Globec Legacy: a general discussion led by J. Runge on how to integrate the various modeling approaches that are now being pursued in this phase of the synthesis to get to a mechanistic ecosystem understanding.
[companion read: DeYoung et al., (2004).]

Each group has a representative make a short presentation to stimulate the discussion.
          Collie (Food Web Group)
1000 Coffee break
1045 Project meetings and working groups.
1130 Presentation: EasyKrig 3.0: A Statistical Software Package for Interpolation and Extrapolation of 3D Data (Dezhang Chu)
1230 Lunch - cafeteria
1330 Intense discussion.
1500 Coffee break
1530 Exchange of views continued.
1700 Poster session 4 and refreshments ( Sky Ranch Grill, Miley Hall (#32)).
1830 Dinner - cafeteria

Day 5: Friday, June 25, 2004 - Start time: 8:30am
0730 Breakfast, cafeteria
0830 Work on solidifying plans for DSR-II publication and other publications. Also discussion of upcoming events including the next meetings.
1000 Coffee break
1020 Final meeting wrap-up and clean up.
1230 Lunch
1330 Pack up to leave.

  1. Directions to the meeting can be found here. A map of the surrounding area is available here. A campus map is currently unavailable. The main conference room is on the upper level of the Rodgers Recreation Center (# 38), across the street from the Administrative Offices in Ochre Court. Additional information about this meeting and the Salve Regina University site is available here.
  2. The last meal of the meeting was lunch on Friday.
  3. The cafeteria is located in Miley Hall.
  4. Posters will be displayed in the Sky Ranch Grill area, located in the basement of Miley Hall. Please set up your poster when you first arrive at the meeting. (The cafeteria is also located in Miley Hall.)
  5. Dorm room check-out time is 0900.
  6. Sunday arrivals, please check in at the Security Office, Tobin Hall, to pick up your room key card.
  7. The breakout rooms are located in the following two locations:
  8. To contact people attending the meeting, call Johanna at 401-341-2460, leave your message and she will pass it along.
  9. For a printable version of the agenda, click here.
  10. For a list of the poster presentations, click here.
  11. For a list of the oral presentations, click here.