U.S. GLOBEC Georges Bank Phase 4B 2007 PI Meeting
List of Presentations

Groman, Bob. MapServer interface to U.S. GLOBEC data

Runge, Jeffrey. A hypothesis for dormancy control in Calanus finmarchicus and implications for responses to climate change

Davis, Cabell. Modeling copepod population dynamics in the GB-GOM region

Buckley, Larry. Seasonal tends in cohort biomass of larval cod and haddock

Mountain, David. TBD - will work with Chuck Greene for something summarizing the Greene et al. project and probably the Arctic - salinity - ecosystem ties.

Ji, Rubao. Modeling the influence of local and external processes on nitrogen and phytoplankton dynamics in the Gulf of Maine/Georges Bank region

Townsend, David. Nutrient distributions and possible fluctuations in the Gulf of Maine Georges Bank region.

Rebuck, Nathan. Nutrient fields in the Gulf of Maine (not sure of the exact title, whatever Dave decided on)

Fogarty, Michael. Comparative Analysis of Cod Recruitment Dynamics

Pershing, Andrew. Initial comparison of zooplankton variability along the NE US Shelf

Kristiansen, Trond. Growth and feeding of larval cod (Gadus morhua) in large-scale latitudinal environmental gradients

Gangopadhyay, Avijit. Will present - not sure what - he's traveling today

Chen, Changsheng. The Gulf of Maine Integrated Model System: A Hindcast Experiment from 1995-2006.