Poster Presentations

  1. Calanus production on Georges Bank. - R. Campbell, E. Durbin, M. Casas.
  2. Interannual variation of population genetic diversity of Calanus finmarchicus (Copepoda Calanoida) in the Gulf of Maine, Northwest Atlantic. - A. Bucklin, E. Unal, P.H. Wiebe, N.J. Copley (abstract)
  3. Species-specific PCR Discrimination of Cryptic Copepod species on Georges Bank (NW Atlantic). - Meredith A. Bailey, Benjamin R. Curran, Jennifer A. Dijkstra, Elsa M. Rodrigues, Christopher. A. Manning, Jason G. Beaudet, Dennis J. McGillicuddy and Ann Bucklin.
  4. Comparison of monthly patterns of abundance and vertical distribution of Pseudocalanus spp. in five regions of Georges Bank during 1999 Broadscale surveys. - Ann Bucklin, Peter H. Wiebe, and Dennis J. McGillicuddy.