Pop-up data file names

The on-line inventory update procedures make use of several data files that define such things as the scientific investigator names, region names, and instrument list. The complete table of these files follows. The files are located in the same directory as the Inventory files, namely, ../Inventory.

File NameDescription
instrument.listMaster list of instrument names
platformsPlatform names
project-descriptionsList of project types, e.g. process
sinamesNames of the participating scientific investigators
status-level2Data status, e.g. collected, final, on-line
yearsValid data collection years

Note that the file containing the list of instruments must be first processed before using. For example, the program (Korn Shell script) "listvalidinst" will read the instrument.list file and generate a temporary file of instrument names, one per line.

If you are entering data and an entry value is not already available, enter the field as "nd" (i.e. no data) and contact the Data Management Office to add the new data value.

Modified: January 20, 1997