Spring 1998

Expect to find pteropods (Limacina retroversa) in the Gulf of Maine, deep northern Basins, and occasionally on Georges Bank. Pteropods are found as small (1 - 5 mm) black shells often at the bottom of the bucket from a MOC tow, pump, or Bongo haul. If there is time to collect specifically for pteropods, a 303µm, 1-m plankton net will be best. Generally an oblique haul will work, unless evidence from the MOC tow shows they are at a specific depth. Upon retrieval of the net, wash into a 20-l bucket, swirl, and pour out the top part of the sample. The pteropods will remain in the bottom of the bucket. Fill a trash can with seawater, secure it to the deck, and add your collection. Place about a thousand or less animals in each trash can. Secure the lid with a bungee-cord. If plentiful, divide the catch up between all the trash cans; we aren't particularly concerned about separating populations. Ideally, collect a few days before returning or replace previously collected animals with fresh ones later in the cruise.

Thank you for your effort! Please contact Scott Gallager or Phil Alatalo upon return: 508-289-2783 or 508-289-2980. E-mail us at sea with questions ( or

Last modified: May 18, 1998 (Phil Alatalo)