Slope Water Interaction Workshop
August 23 - 24, 2000 Participants

Beardsley, Bob
- Interests: Develop model for bank water loss from shelfbreak region
  during ring entainment.
- Data: 1995 and lt moorings, Dick's drifters, ring climatology,
  Basigni's avhrr.

Belkin, Igor 
- Interests: Comparisons of 1995 and 1999 intrusions.
- Data: Maps of June 1999 intrusion on Endeavor-325.

Bisagni, Jim
- Interests: Northeast Channel Slope Water cyclones, Warm-Core Ring
  Paths,  Shelf/Slope Interactions.
- Data: Mapped AVHRR-derived SST, raw & interpolated

Bollens, Steve
- Interests: Intrusions of slope water macrozooplankton/micronekton on
  to the bank.
- Data: 10m2 MOCNESS.

Brink, Kenneth
- Interests: Frontal dynamics and exchange
- Data: With Lee: SeaSoar. With Limeburner: Drfiters. With Irish: Long
  term Moorings.

Brown, Harmon
- Interests: Fluctuations in abundance and distribution of the
  macrozooplankton and micronekton.
- Data:  10m2 MOCNESS.

Casas, Maria 
- Interests: 
- Data: 

Churchill, James
- Interests: Ring and shelf-edge eddy interaction
- Data: Hydrography and drifter tracks

Durbin, Ted
- Interests: 
- Data: 

Fisher, Karen
- Interests: I'm trying to gather as much information about the
  contributions of various water masses to the circulation patterns
  around the Bank 95-99 as possible. I'm also particularly interested
  in observations of fluroscence during GLOBEC.
- Data: I've been working on analyzing the spatial frequency of the
  alongtrack data from the Broadscale cruises, primarily using wavelet
  analysis to investigate the seasonal and interannual changes in
  characteristic length scales of fluroescence, salinity, and
  temperature. I'm currently working to add in acoustic data from Peter
  Wiebe's Greene Bomber to the F, T and S from the Jan Mar Jun 98 and 99

Flierl, Glenn
- Interests: Ring interactions.
- Data: modelling.

Gallager, Scott
- Interests: Pull together data from VPR and Seasoar and interpret in
  terms of other programs.
- Data: VPR on Seasoar during shelf-slope survey

Greene, Chuck
- Interests: Advances of Labrador Slope Water down the shelf
  displacing the Atlantic Slope Water as it progresses.
- Data:

Groman, Bob   
- Interests: Making the program's data available to the scientific
- Data: All of it

Horgan, Erich
- Interests: 
- Data: 

Lee, Craig
- Interests: Loss and retention processes, especially interactions
  between Gulf Stream intrusions and the shelf break front.
- Data: Highly resolved, three-dimensional SeaSoar surveys from
  spring and summer of 1997.

Lentz, Steve
- Interests: Shelf-slope exchange (physical oceanography) influence on
- Data:

Lough, Greg 
- Interests:Slope water intrusion and shelfbreak jet and its effect
  on larval advection along the southern flank of Georges Bank.
- Data:

Manning, Jim
- Interests: Slope water intrusion and shelfbreak jet and its effect
  on larval advection along the southern flank of Georges Bank.
- Data:

Michaels, Bill
- Interests: ?
- Data: COP cruise (FR/V Katadon 95-02) conducted a systematic survey
  of about 50 station along the southern flank which was repeated three
  times during May 95 providing weekly plots of hydrography, larval
  fish, and their predators (herring, mackerel, etc).  Results
  indicated slope water intrusion, and a paper has been submitted.

Naimie, Chris
- Interests: Slope water intrusion and shelfbreak jet and its effect
  on larval advection along the southern flank of Georges Bank.
- Data:

Pershing, Andrew J.
- Interests: Better understanding of how cold slope water moves down
  the shelf and how it may influence the ecology of the Gulf of Maine.
- Data: Working with Greene and Wiebe on BIOMAPPER TS, have also
  looked at time series from BIO and tried to relate them to the NAO and
  to C. finmarchicus abundance in the Gulf.

Quinlan, John 
- Interests:
- Data:

Ryan, John
- Interests: Satellite studies of the shelf/slope frontal processes.
- Data:

Schlitz, Ron
- Interests: PO an PO/Bio.
- Data: 1997 Recirculation.

Smith, Keston
- Interests: PO an PO/Bio.
- Data: 1997 Recirculation.

Wiebe, Peter
- Interests: I would like to participate in the Workshop and have high
  frequency acoustics data collected with the Greene Bomber and perhaps
  some BIOMAPER (not BIOMAPER II) that covers the southern flank and
  Slope Water for January, March, and June/July periods plus high
  resolution surface temperature, salinity, and fluorescence.  My
  objective would be to look at the acoustics patterns relative to the
  physical and biological structure of the water column and to compare
  the larger scale patterns of backscattering to model predictions of
  the cross-bank secondary circulation patterns.
- Data: Data for the period 1995 to 1999.

Wishner, Karen
- Interests: Would like to make progress on integrating process cruise
  data (especially 1997) with larger picture.  How does the detrainment
  feature we studied in detail (EN301) fit into the bigger picture of
  Bank-Slope Water interactions? Implications for the 1999 cross-frontal
  studies might be preliminarily addressed, but probably most of this
  topic would be an issue for the Oct. cross-frontal workshop.
- Data: 1997 process cruises (EN296, 298, 301):  MOC Calanus
  distributions (vertically stratifed) around Bank, sections (MOC and
  CTD) across detrainment feature.  Also, 1999 cross-frontal cruises
  (esp. EN 325):  MOC and CTD profiles during specific tidal phases on
  and off-Bank at southern flank.

Yoder, Jim 
- Interests: Satellite studies of the shelf/slope frontal processes.
- Data:

Interested But Unable to Attend

Hannah, Charles

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